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Browsing Inside Rebel Sport Shop ..

PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 9:18 pm
by aussie_musician
Dream From Feb 7 '19:
without seeing myself enter the store, i see myself in a rebel sport store.
its not charlestown, its not kotara, so i don't know where it is.
i do have membership with rebel, as a customer.
the staff are fairly friendly.
they also allow me, or even want me, to shoot hoops, because there are a few basketball hoops that have been set up.
ok, so i shoot some hoops.
and i also have a browse.
while i'm doing that, one of the young female staff members, approaches me.
she asks me, can she have sex with me.
er, i dont know what to say.
firstly, i don't know her.
secondly, her face isn't clear to me, though, she does look a little bit like one of the female staff from the t2 shop in charlestown square.
anyway, she is slim to medium build, shorter than me.
and then she goes back over to the counter.
it was to my left, upon entering.
the other staff are wearing the black polo shirt, and black trousers.
she was wearing something different.
her top, whatever that was, was grey.
her request doesn't bother me, in that i give it any thought, while shooting hoops for browsing.
one thing i don't do, is give her answer, of either yes or no.
then one of her female colleagues approaches me, offers to give me some advise or even counselling regarding my answer to the request.
this woman, then takes from me, what looks like a clipboard.
the first i know about that, is when i look down, at see the clip part of it.
i see her wander over to a door, near the front entrance.
it looks like a door for staff to use, before they open the shop.
then again, it could be the door to her office.
so i shoot some more hoops, and even do one or more gentle dunks, on some lower hoops.
as i do that, a teen boy enters the shop.
or i see him inside, at a hoop.
he shoots a ball, and then chases it, to collect it, to use again.
somehow, he has landed on his stomach, on a set of shelves.
they are metal shelves.
the ball is on the floor below him.
he is trying to grab it.
this is all behind one of the hoops.
the staff just look at him.
then he falls to the floor.
as he does, he begins to cry (not a sulk as such, but just a slight cry).
well, thats a bit embarrassing.
he sees to get up by himself.
then, he walks away to my left, towards the main entrance.
he is a biggish boy, a little taller than me, but also a larger physique.
he turns around, and looks at the staff who are near me.
he is cranky with them, for not helping him.
he says he "hates" them.
yeah, ok.
his polo shirt is a shade of red, not maroon, not orange, maybe magenta; not sure.
the dream ends just after that.
as for the woman, who wanted to have sex with me, i don't get back to her about that, before the dream ends.
nor do i speak to the woman, who took the clipboard from me.

any questions .. comments or queries ???