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Cults, Shootouts, and A Wandering Mind

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Cults, Shootouts, and A Wandering Mind

Postby shalligan » Wed Feb 06, 2019 1:43 pm

I awoke standing over the grave of my dead daughter not in my own body but that of another surrounded by people from the cult that I was apart of. They wouldn't let me stand over her grave, telling me to move on back to the communal house. I walked toward a looming mansion in the distance full of a sense of anger and a need to break free of this cults mentality. With the help of another man I didn't know
we'll call him Frank. I ran away from the mansion only to be chased by the security forces that protected the grounds. We ran into the guest house which was full of people that I knew in my life watching as I ran with Frank up a stair case as bullets whizzed by. Atop of the stair case we saw my family and were telling them that we needed to leave right now. They were reluctant. Suddenly my consiousness shifted to the body of Frank where I could see the body I had previously inhabited staring down to the floors below. I ran toward him and threw him from the stair case as his family watched in disbelief. I watched as his body fell an splattered on the floor far below. The voice in my head said that I was a good person and that I had done the right thing and I felt like I had. I took his family hostage and guided them with me down to ground floor as the security forces stood facing us guns at ready. I held up someone in front of me as a human shield. They were an aquaintance from reality who I rarely speak with. the security forces riddled them with bullets as I stood behind unharmed. I picked up another human shield who was also killed. Again I was unharmed. Finally still in the body of Frank I stood and accepted my fate as I was sprayed with bullets feeling each one pierce my body with a peaceful pressure. I faded to black. I woke up as an observer of the man who I had just thrown from the balcony. He was alive. I felt a sense of relief and confusion as to how he was still alive. He was flying on a hang glider over boat docks. He was looking for a ship that needed a deckhand. He was ushered down by a group of three men who were sitting on the dock smoking weed and drinking. They offered him to join them on their boat across the sea. It was a small shabby boat that could hardly hold the 4 of them let alone cross the sea. One of the 3 men suggested they steal a much larger boat parked next to them in the harbor. The man whose body I had inhabited from the first dream was hesitant. But my minds voice said that it was ok and he was convinced and they stole the boat. Shortly after departure they reached a rocky cove they had to pass through. I once again inhabited his body and had to jump under the ship to manually guided the boat through the rocks narrowly missing ever time. I had to come up for air but I was so deep down. As I ascended I passed out feet from the surface. I woke up this time in full assault gear. Around me were my crew. I was informed that we were about to do a heist. There was a rival gang who were also going after the same gem as us. It was in a tower. We began the heist and multiple fire fights ensued but I was never shot. We had the gem and proceeded upwards to the top of the tower. At the top there was no cover and the remaining memebers of the rival gang were closing in climbing up the many ladders that led to the top. I got shot in the left shoulder by one of them. It had become aparent to me and the rest of my crew that this was our final stand. Soon the police arrived and snipers were posted all around us. In a hail of bullets were were all shot many times each one a peaceful pressure that I felt. Soon the police were ontop of the building and hand to had combat ensued. I one final act of suicide I picked myself up from the ground and tackled a police officer off the top of the building. We hit the ground and our bodies splattered. My mind then shifted to myself a bystander on the ground watching from the car as their bodies splattered and then turned into scrambled eggs. I had a feeling of pure disgust as I saw this and felt very uncomfortable. Then I woke up. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?????
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