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wandering and fishing

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wandering and fishing

Postby thisGuy » Wed Feb 06, 2019 8:54 am

Had a dream that I didn't have a home any longer and was wandering the wilderness. Most of the dream took place on the edge of a forest with an open field. I was aware that the field existed, but I had my back to it the whole time and could only focus my attention towards the forest. Snow covered most of the ground. In between me and the forest was the kind of trench you see people build for runoff to flow on the side of a rural road (there was no actual road). In the slowly flowing water I saw brightly colored salmon swimming around. I spent the rest of my dream trying to catch one of them for a meal. Somehow there was a shed in the area that had a large number of fishing rods in them. I had knowledge that the newer ones wouldn't be able to get the job done, and would fall to pieces if I tried to use one. After digging around I found an old vintage one and used it to catch one of the fish. It took a while to catch because the fish were able to take the bait without getting hooked, I had to think outside the box and hook their skin like a grapple hook. I spent a while thoroughly examining the meat stressing over whether it would be safe to eat or not because the water that it came from was runoff and could be toxic or filthy. Every step of the dream felt like it was taking a huge amount of emotional labor.
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