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I keep having dreams about eyes

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I keep having dreams about eyes

Postby Issa » Mon Feb 04, 2019 5:38 am

Can someone please interpret this for me? I have been having a lot of dreams about eyes recently. I had a dream a dark figure ran behind my friend as she was talking to someone and when she turned around to see what it was, her eyes were black with white and gray irises. Later, I was doing my aunt’s makeup and then noticed her eyes were replaced with fingers. I was watching a commercial and a girl wearing a bikini had a large tattoo of a blue eye on her right side. All three of these dreams happened in the last two nights. My dreams are never connected in his way, certainly not dreams in such a short time span, and I think they might be significant.
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Re: I keep having dreams about eyes

Postby Varzandeh » Mon Feb 04, 2019 6:40 pm

White irises means she will have a deep sorrow , like Jacob 's sorrow for his lost son Josef.
Your aunts fingers mean her grand children , her eyes means her dear ones.it means her grand children are her dear ones.
An eye means a dear one or a dear property , or a dear child .
For more information about the dream language symbols , please see the Dream Dictionary in the www.dreamsfact.com .
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Re: I keep having dreams about eyes

Postby murph » Tue Feb 05, 2019 3:09 am

Some ideas.... Friend part possibly opening of physic vision. Or possibly need to see your friend in a better light...
Aunt maybe Christian or your own religious beliefs. I.e if your eye causes you to sin poke it out.. girl in bikini with eye tattoo symbolising we only see in parts... Or body mind vision..That's is left brain thinking/interpretation..
The best interpretation is the dreamers own interpretation.
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