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Popcorn allergy in a cult church?

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Popcorn allergy in a cult church?

Postby ActuallyGimli » Fri Feb 01, 2019 3:54 pm

I keep having this recurring dream where I'm in a church and this lunatic woman (blonde, I don't know her in real life) pulls me up onto the stage for a demonstration. She keeps trying to feed me popcorn kernels while I cry that I'm allergic to corn (I'm not). Eventually she shoves fully popped popcorn in my mouth and I start having a seizure on stage while my whole mouth and face breaks out in blisters. (it goes into third person view for this part for some reason) Instead of calling an ambulance or something, she gets the congregation to stand up and pray the devil out of me. The whole congregation stands and are suddenly wearing black cloaks and chanting something unintelligible. Then I wake up. Last night was the seventh time I've had this dream in a month's time.
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