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Nothing Existing In Westdale ..

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Nothing Existing In Westdale ..

Postby aussie_musician » Wed Jan 30, 2019 8:30 pm

Dream From Jan 29 '19:
the location is westdale.
yay, not.
the time is late arvo.
i'm standing on a dirt track, of what used to be marathon road, near the corner of mitchell street.
something, rather strange has happened.
as i look north - west, at this area, something seems to have supposed to have happened.
either, all the houses that actually exist, have been removed, and were done so, over 20 years ago.
or, they were meant to be built, and haven't been.
the grass is about a metre tall.
marathon, mitchell, and flinders streets are all dirt tracks, of the actual same existing bitumen roads.
the grass, being one metre high, hinders my ability, briefly, to find where mitchell street is/was, and that of flinders street.
i walk north, slowly, along what could be that of marathon street/road.
after awhile, i find mitchell street.
and then i walk a bit further, find flinders.
on the west side of marathon, is a bit more of flinders street.
the hobbie farm at the corner of marathon and mitchell street isn't there.
there is just tall grass.
the grass, although tall, does look untidy.
it needs mowing.
but something doesn't make sense.
not that it bothers me much, but something isn't quite right about this.
there are supposed to be houses here, and there aren't.
its not so much like that of a war zone, or an apocolyptic scene, but there is something about this, that has that vibe.
not that i care either, but something just doesn't, seem quite right.
then some people join me, as i look for mitchell street.
i find it twice, because the grass is so tall, and the dirt tracks aren't so obvious.
and then two women come along.
they are older.
one of the women is a business woman who knows about antiques.
she even sees a small wooden cupboard, between mitchell and flinders.
she gets something from out of it.
apart from being annoyed that i am even in westdale, something about what i see, just doesn't add up.
houses, and of course people, should be in this area, there aren't.
i don't know.
although a bit further east from marathon street, evans street doesn't come to mind.

any questions .. comments or queries ???
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