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Postby appyy24 » Sat Jan 19, 2019 5:15 pm

I saw today in my dream that I am somewhere and then I see it's night and I am in my home. Somebody's giving my information and I pound upon him why is he doing so. Then he ignores me and even after trying I was not able to stop him or know something.Then I saw that on my front door there is a street dog sitting ,then I don't remember why I opened the gate,dog went out,these people are out there ,some more dogs howling at mine and I send him to bite thinking these all will go away.but my dog went a little further from home and I went after him ,what I see now that 2-3 men entered my home,i hurry back with dog ,they kidnapped this dog into a big cloth.i come into house and see my father who we don't talk to (I and my sister use to live with him when we were small ) and he was there and in the suitcase he kept the dog .I am crying to return him but what I see he has a pistol in his hand and I started shouting ( I don't know all this while why I didn't call police or my mother)I then bolted myself and my father in a room I thought he will not shoot that's just to show fear ,he actually shot me at my head . What I see next I am unconscious I die but then I am again there and my sister getting shot but she is not dead ,after this my father is not letting my sister go out of house.she was saved and there is one more man I don't know and I am trying to call mom. Seeking phone in a loaf of bread etc. And saying that I have always said so that don't keep us with him.(we use to live with my father ,he was very violent,had numerous affairs we feared him.)
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