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Traffic Lights And Touching Her Arm ..

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Traffic Lights And Touching Her Arm ..

Postby aussie_musician » Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:25 pm

Dream From Jan 9 '19:
this begins with me visiting someone at their house.
there is a back room, where some people and i are gathered.
this is followed by me being in rach's car, with her.
as she drives, i lean towards the window, with my left hand supporting the left side of my face.
initially, a man is leaning against my window, with his belly close to my head.
he is wearing a green and yellow polo shirt.
the coloured are alternating horizontal stripes.
he is against the car for a few metres.
i gently swat him away, and he leaves.
and then stop at a set of traffic lights, at a four way intersection.
she is driving, and i am her front passenger.
i don't look at her, at all.
we are in the right hand lane, for going straight through, at the lights.
the lights are red for us.
there are cars, stopped opposite us, who will go in the direction that we are coming from.
there is the right turn lane, to our right, and the left turn lane, which is two from us.
oddly, on the other side of the road from us, there are some street signs on the road, facing the street which is to our left.
rach tells me we can't go straight ahead.
we have to turn right.
well, the signs are angled, facing the street to my left, and almost facing us.
there is roadwork somewhere nearby.
i try to look at them, from where we are.
she is correct.
then with my left hand, i gently touch her left arm, just above the elbow.
i do so with my fingers tips.
her arm is warm.
i even say that to her, without even looking at her.
the lights for us stay red, and we don't attempt to turn right.
then the dream ends.

any questions .. comments or queries ???
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