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THEY LIIVE (variation of movie) then F)VKING DIE!!!!!

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THEY LIIVE (variation of movie) then F)VKING DIE!!!!!

Postby ptosis » Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:31 am

Mash up of the 1984 movie 'They Live" and that stupid movie with Sandra Bullock and the kids are walking around blindfolded:

I'm in a town and a new company is hiring everybody. Me and my friend go into a group tour of the company with a bunch of other people. But it's"so Secret" that everybody has to have blindfolds on,

The blindfolds are the medical doctor's gloves . I refuse to wear because they are too small and would be too tight. I am worried about blood vessels collapsing and inter-ocular pressure (IOP) which can make you go blind. High IOP is what #1 reason (glaucoma) for total blindness.

So I use my hoodie. But this dream hoodie is very thin and I can 'see through the veil" so to speak.
I see nothing weird, in the kitchen dinning room is a f0cking secret? This is too much bull shit. I'm beginning to think this is a unethical PsyOp experiment done on people as a test.

So the group that is blindfolded is supposed to sit down and watch a movie - blindfolded. I start peeking from underneath my hoodie that I have over my face I see nothing unusual about the move nor the audio. Others are also peeking but not most. Most are obeying stupidly.

Well they notice that I'm not blindfolded and peeking and the few others also. I hear these words directed by one company guy to the other company lady who is directing the tour. "Shade them."

I refuse to go along with the other caught peekers. He turns to me and I bitch at him that this is an B.S. PsyOp. He agrees with me and butters me up with smooth words about how smart I am, blah blah blah, as he escorts to the single elevator for "special people" like me who are 'smart blah blah blah'.

I stop and realize this and bitch at him very aggressively about the unethical PsyOp experiment. He calls a female company worker over and in front of me attempts to kiss her. She at first backs her head back and then he says "It's alright" and they touch mouths to kiss but not a French kiss.

Where their mouths touch, the CGI mouths turn into snake like skin pattern and melting. They stop and he looks at me evilly. He expects me to freak out in fear but I'm still angry. Well he directed me to the single elevator. It's an open elevator, old style, more of a cage and not the modern walled in kind.

I get in, the door closes, and I put my one foot on the sliding door side where a piece of the regular floor is and my hand on the back (this is a single elevator) and the elevator goes down, I stay up. The elevator has no ceiling and I see it descends into water.. It looks like they had a little fun with the elevator as it bobs up and down one inch above the water for a little bit or torture and prolonging the drowning.

The elevator comes back up. I wait. I wait awhile. I push button to open door.

I start f0cking KILLING anything with a company logo in it or in company clothes, avoiding humans who just stare in shock. The ones who have removed the blindfolds upon hearing the carnage I'm creating. These things are easy to kill, Squishier than trying to slice up real flesh. I end up downstairs in the front lobby where all humans are not blindfolded and puncture company throats with a rod I found, (from a, lamp?), but it's got a hook at the end like a wimpy tire iron. I use it to eviscerate the throats with a puncture, twist and pull motion.

There are humans there who are in shock, thinking I'm berserk, but do not try to stop me.

One of the aliens confronts me and the 'tongue' comes out like a weapon and tries to kill me. That's why I'm going for the throat.

I yell "Look at them!", for once the alien throat is open, anybody can see a bit of alien (blue/green??) tongue but the blood is red.

I go outside where more humans are waiting to get a job and go for the tour and I'm warning them like in the end of the movie, 'Body Snatchers" the 1956 version.

Wake up. Not scared at all. So not a nightmare.
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