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Woman's Death And Bulldogs NRL Jersey ..

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Woman's Death And Bulldogs NRL Jersey ..

Postby aussie_musician » Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:02 pm

Dream From Jan 7 '19:
this starts at what looks like newcastle jockey club race course, in darling street.
some people and i, are leaving the club building, and walking north, over the race course, and grass area.
a young woman has died in the club, somewhere.
she is apparently known to me, even though i don't know who she is.
her cause of death, time of death and whatever else is not known.
so, the folks and i, we walk north, to get ready to attend her funeral.
on the way to getting ready, i walk under a walk bridge, which is low to ground, and made of rocks.
an older woman, from church, walks past me.
initally i am wearing a red polo shirt, but then see that i am wearing my Bulldogs jersey or polo shirt.
so i look for a more appropriate shirt, for her funeral.
on the way to an apartment building, i see a hot food stall.
its owned by dad.
its set up but not operational as yet.
its got 4 walls, and has a gazebo like cover over it.
i enter it, from an opening in one of the walls.
the baine maries are all off.
the freezer chests are also empty.
and there are piles of clothes on top of the freezer chests.
one pile of the shirts belong to mum, and another pile belongs to dad.
i look in both piles.
in mum's pile, there is one, or possibly two button shirts i could wear.
one is blue.
i decide not to wear it.
then i look in dad's pile.
yeah, not much of a selection to choose from.
so i leave there, and go to a bed and breakfast type of building.
its like that of Smith House, in Armidale.
its like guest house place, that has separate rooms, and designated bathrooms.
dad is showering, or he is in his room, and invites me in, so that he cna then have a shower.
i don't enter his room.
thats because i'm not close enough to it, before the dream ends.
the other people are in this place as well.
while they are all showering, i hear my flatmate in room 3, whinge about something.
he is probably whinging about all the people showering.
grrr, the idiot!
i wake just after i hear his whinging grunt.
oh, and we don't even get to the funeral before the dream ends.

any questions .. comments or queries ???
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