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here’s a more complete list of my dreams with him

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here’s a more complete list of my dreams with him

Postby justmaybe » Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:19 am

1-he was riding a wave on a surfboard, coming towards me. i was standing outside the water, on the sand, and i remember seeing his bare foot (first dream or one of the first)

2-we were sitting in front of each other at my apartment (living room) and there was a big and empty butter container on the table

3-he asked me what i was going to do at 7pm (the written message was in french: not our native language)

4-he invited me to work at his company

5-i was walking down the street carrying a child in my arms. then i met J on the sidewalk and handed the boy to him. the kid was happy and singing

6-he was walking behind me (following me in the corridor) and i turned to him and we took a picture when we entered a room. then we hugged and i heard/felt heartbeats. he said something but i can’t remember it. then i left

7-we were slow dancing and i felt our bodies exchanging electrical energy

8-he was standing in the bathroom holding two different animals (i can’t remember them), one in each hand

9-i was hugging and playing with his kids and felt fond of them (this is recent)

insights, please?
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DM Lurker
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