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Tldr: three of us were learning to use superman's powers

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Tldr: three of us were learning to use superman's powers

Postby ChrisPeefeArt » Sat Jan 05, 2019 8:22 am

A lot of stuff happened in the dream leading up to this that I can't remember. Somehow I ended up with kryptonian super powers and I was with two other people that also had gotten kryptonian super powers. One of them was a girl that knew Clark Kent personally. The other was Deadpool. We wanted to teach ourselves to use Superman's powers so that we could help him. We decided that the most important thing for us to do was to get used to the fact that we were now invincible so that we wouldn't be afraid of getting hurt when we went to save superman. We also decided that the best way to do this was by getting shot with a gun. I was holding three guns at the same time. In one hand I held a revolver and in the other I held a matching revolver and a semi automatic pistol. First I shot the girl. I had trouble doing this because I was holding three guns which made it difficult to aim. I was aiming for a surface wound that was low and to the side so that the pain and bruising wouldn't be too much. The girl complained about me doing this and wanted to be shot in center mass. I was going to explain that Clark Kent's powers didn't all develop at once and I wanted to make sure that it was safe before I fired at her chest. Except that I didn't know whether I should call him Superman in front of her or Clark Kent in front of Deadpool. Then Deadpool interjected by calling him Clark Kent. I had forgotten about his comic awareness so I didn't need to protect that secret. After that it was Deadpool's turn to get shot. I'm not sure why I felt like he needed to get used to being invincible since he already pretty much was with his healing ability. I even acknowledged his healing power because I wasn't afraid to go ahead and shoot towards his core. After he took a shot to the chest and one in the hand. I acknowledged his reflexes and suggested he should be able to catch bullets with his hands instead of just withstanding them because of his combination of his own powers and the new kryptonian powers. Then I woke up before putting it to the test.
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