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Being chased then becoming the Chaser

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Being chased then becoming the Chaser

Postby otisandmilo » Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:56 am

As a kid I had a reacurring dream that has baffled me and my friends and family for years. For certain I had it a few dozen times over the course of my childhood. I can remember having it for a week straight at one time and it would start with....
I'm in my loft bed, i end up waking up in the house with my door open and the hallway light on. All of the sudden the house would shake with the footsteps of a dinosaur. A Velociraptor would emerge from the hallway. I would be overcome with instant panic, somehow I would be able to jump down off my ladder which faced the doorway and get around it somehow slipping past it through the few feet wide hallway leading to my front room. Anyway I would always imagine an extra hallway around my house that I could essentially run around the house without being trapped by the dinosaur because my new version of my childhood home had an extra hallway that went diagonal accross my house from the front left to the back right which was what i guess is a morph of my actual utility room which was only accessible if you went through my kitchen which was a hallway that lead into the back room in real life. The extra hallway would extend to the opposite side of the second living room which would open where the actual utility room door is. Eventually I would see what I knew to be a car signified by bright headlights shining through the front room window and make a final run through the imaginary hallway and across my back room to the back door. In that instance I would switch viewpoints where I became the Velociraptor still in the house watching me escape. I would see me running across the back deck, through the gate and I would walk to the same window I saw the headlights from and watch as my family yells at the figure who is me to hurry and come here where I would watch me escape and sometimes in other instances I would run out the front door chasing the car that was already driving down the road. For some reason seeing me escaping caused a severe depression that would flow over me. After I would bust out the front door (sometimes the car door closing was enough) as the Velociraptor the dream would end.
The thing that I can't figure out is why was I always overcome with sadness? Why did I become the predator and not stay the prey? Why did I always get away.... From myself? Because of the running and fear and even though I watched myself succeed and get away the sad feelings that would overcome me only make me think of it as a nightmare, for that week span I was terrified. Any explanation would be amazing.
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DM Lurker
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Re: Being chased then becoming the Chaser

Postby Varzandeh » Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:30 pm

If one dreamt he was running away means he will be forgiven or he/she will overcome the
Because Moses dreamt he was running away from Pharaoh and later he overcame the
To run away if he didn't scream means happiness but if he /she screamed means a disaster
is on the way.
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Re: Being chased then becoming the Chaser

Postby Hannahapproved » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:58 pm

This was realy interesting to read. It sounds to me like a sort of interpretation of a struggle from within, whether that's to better understand yourself, someone significant to you, or a situation. Maybe as a kid you had someone you looked up to, but weren't very close with or were a little afraid of? The changing of perspective can also mean taking or attempting to gain control of the situation. You may have been lucid dreaming a little because you were scared and aware you were dreaming, which would explain the change in your house so you could escape.
Or another thought is you're the kind of person who is empathetic and tries to understand the emotion and reasoning behind what someone does even if it's something seemingly terrible or scary. (That's how I would interpret it if I were the one dreaming anyway) If you're still having this dream and wanting to find a real answer, my advice would be to consider what was going on in your life around the first occurrences of the dream or take a look into and try lucid dreaming as a way to confront it. Hope you find an answer, would love to know how it turns out!
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