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cryptic dream about my future - scary and reoccurring

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cryptic dream about my future - scary and reoccurring

Postby moncherie » Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:21 am

hi there! any help decoding this dream of mine is very much appreciated. Last time I had it (last night) I wrote it down so I didn't forget any details. I have had the dream about 4 times I think.

Here it is:
everything is so blindingly white. i am almost hovering above the deep snow wearing a white nightgown slip dress with no shoes, and my footsteps dont appear in the snow. i glide along the snoe until i come to a clearing which is eerily familiar. kneeling at the clearing is a girl with white blonde hair who is wearing a dress like mine, but it is blood stained. she turns around and she has no pupils, and i recognize her as myself but older. she then speaks to me.
"you're late", she whispers, as if there may be someone watching.
"pardon?" i say. i dont understand.
"it doesnt have to end this way" she whispers again.
"i still don't understand.."
she then gestures her hand over the patch of snow infront of her, and the snow begins to melt to reveal a body. it is of the girl talking to me, wearing the same things she is now. as i watch her, flowers begin to grow and wrace through her hair. as well as this, flowers and ivy begin to sprout through her body and grow over it.
suddenly i am surrounded by a fog, and i cannot see older me or the corpse. when the fog clears, the clearing is empty and the snow where the older me is sitting is bloodstained.
i wake up.
thanks so much for ur help xoxo cherry
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DM Lurker
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