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2 dreams: Dream about apartment and dream about bus

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2 dreams: Dream about apartment and dream about bus

Postby DogeMcShiba » Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:49 pm

Hi there

Tonight I had 2 dreams, and I don't know if they are correlated.
The first dream was about me being in my own little apartment (even though IRL I still live with my mom, but I'm searching for my own place), and I just want to sleep. But several random people I don't know come to visit me to "see if this place is something they want" (it was not for sale), and they kept switching on the lights in the ceiling, preventing me from sleeping. Sometimes they would even annoy me directly while in bed, especially the kids. Eventually, the apartment grew big, and there were switches everywhere. Some switches did nothing, some switched off some of the many, many lights in the ceiling. Some only worked after a little time. After finally switching off all the lights, a lot of people I felt comfortable with (not specific people, but certain types of people) came to visit, and I think we threw a party. End of dream.

The second dream was of me and some friends (no one I knew, but I think I called them my classmates) rode a bus, with one of them steering the bus. Suddenly, a police car wanted us to stop. We did, and the policelady just wanted to know how much gas was left in the bus. The girl steering the bus said, "15%", and the policelady let us pass. Then, I don't know how it happened, but only I and my brother were left in the bus. I wanted to find a gas station on Google Maps, but the nearest was 75 km away. I wanted to go drive there after we reached our desired destination (which I didn't know where was, but it was just straight forward without any turns). Suddenly, I realized I was driving the bus from the middle of the bus using wires, with no one in front. I asked my brother to steer while I ran to the chauffeur seat. It took a long time, and we hit a couple of cars meanwhile, but nothing serious. I managed to get to the chauffeur seat and went for the gas station. Even though I knew there wasn't much gas left, I somehow still knew it wouldn't matter, as if the bus didn't need gas to be able to drive, but I still went for the gas station. The dream ended there.

I am 21 years and live with my mom. I'm waiting to get an offer for an apartment. Currently, I'm in university, having just switched studies. I didn't like my previous study, but my current study is so much better, both the subjects and the friends there. I hope you want to give some suggestions to what it could mean. I suspect it has something to do with me waiting to get an offer for an apartment and my new study, but I'm open for more suggestions :)

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DM Lurker
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