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Strangest dream I’ve ever had- weird portal

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Strangest dream I’ve ever had- weird portal

Postby Tafkap7 » Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:59 pm

Okay never used this site before and don’t really expect anyone to reply but if anyone knows what was going on in this dream it would be very interesting to me. Alright so to start with was normal just me and friends shopping and my teeth all fell out which is often the case when I don’t wear my retainers so nothing new. But eventually I went home to my family and felt very isolated sitting in the room for no reason. There was a blue light in the sky and my step father said, it’s an evolution. I watched a comet go by lighting the sky blue (all was still fairly normal for a dream) but then as the comet came closer and closer to earth in what I can only describe and surreal and creepy movements the sky began to crumble in and a black hole like portal developed and again my step father shouting it’s an evolution. But the weird thing about it was that I could physically feel every aspect of this portal pulling me in and a deep sense of emotion something that I’ve never even felt before when conscious came over me not only in the dream but also seemed physically. As I was about to get sucked into this portal I told my mum I love her but couldn’t finish my sentence and before I knew it I was awake. But I woke up feeling as if this had just really happened and I was actually on the other side of the portal. My face and body felt so tight from where the portal was dragging me in and this emotion power seemed to still be lingering. I woke up feeling as if everything was new and even though I was in my house something didn’t seem the same maybe little parts where different. I felt scared to move which is something that has never happened to me since I was a child. This happened probably about half and hour ago so it’s still fresh in my memory I have just never felt this much physically and emotionally in a dream before and I don’t understand what happened. So if anyone does it would be good. Thank you.
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DM Lurker
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