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dreamt of another me in similar place

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dreamt of another me in similar place

Postby abbynormal » Sun Dec 30, 2018 2:50 pm

I dreamt another version of me in a similar dimension [but different in key ways, such as being on the edge of town] as this one, saw my next-door neighbors, clad in overalls, filthy flannels and jeans and jackboots, break into my shed and steal my recumbent bicycle that was custom-made by a long-ago acquaintance, and they deliberately kept it on their side of the property line in clear sight. I went over there and re-acquired it, whereupon they came out en masse, yahoos all, stinking of drink and poor hygiene and sweaty greasy testosterone like a pack of wild dogs, intending to kill me, so I grabbed a shotgun [something I don't own in this dimension] and made them retreat. then I discovered the shotgun was empty. next scene was nightfall and at the same time the sheriff came by, who took my shotgun and invited the neighbors to do me in, which they did with metal rods stabbed through my chest and neck and head, which they tore around, twisting and jabbing until I was hamburger, but I felt none of this, I was just observing myself get massacred. the sheriff stood by with a grin. then I awoke. :?
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