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Cat and clothes

PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:56 pm
by Hahaha
I enter a room. It is not dark with good lighting in daylight. At the left of the door, there's bathroom and toilet rooms side by side so when you walk straight from the door, the doors of the bathroom and toilet room face your left. I walk past the rooms and in front of me, is two cats, one bigger, white, furry, and beautiful, another smaller and i dont remember his form. There's cat bowl too near them. I brought the white cat outside to dorm teacher maybe to help the cat or feed it because they have been in that room and no one goes in that room before much. But dorm teacher doesnt like it.
I am wearing two white thin t shirts with nothing underneath and my breasts are visible, pointy. I wear dark green raincoat over it and i'm wearing a long skirt. A dark color. Maybe dull black and a bit red. I was out and about together with others with that outfit and when we reach a place which has a mall, i consider buying underclothes and maybe new clothes. I was also searching in apartment I don't know whose, for raincoat to cover myself.
All i can remember. Please help,

Re: Cat and clothes

PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 6:33 am
by Varzandeh
Cat is interpreted as a corrupt thief.
If one dreamt a cat came into his/her house means a thief person will come there.
If dreamt a cat ate something in his/her house means something will be stolen there.
If dreamt he /she killed a cat means he/she will overcome a thief.
If dreamt he killed a cat and skinned it means he will take back the stolen money.
If one dreamt of a cat after sunrise means he will get ill for six days .
Cat may also mean 1- a sorrow 2-a tale bearer 3- a kind woman 4- A fight 5- an

Breast means daughter for ladies and wife for men.
If his/her rain coat was of striped cloth means religious material benefits.
If his/her rain coat was made of wool or cotton and was green means will receive
Yellow rain coat means illness.
Dark blue rain coat means sins and disaster.
White rain coat means an unexpected benefit.
Underwear means a partner on the way or searching for.