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Postby _aviiee » Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:03 am

So since being pregnant I’ve had my fair share of super weird dreams, but this dream terrified me. I felt like I was 3 years old again I woke up shaking and panicked. So the dream started out with my grandparents moving into a new house and my little brother and I moving in with them. I don’t have a brother in real life. But they both had to leave for work or something so my brother and I were left in the house. My brother was maybe 3 or 4 years old, so i had the urge to protect him. In the house there was some sort of monster that we were hiding from. We had to stay in the basement because for whatever reason the monster couldn’t get into the basement. The monster was purple; I’m not sure if that’s relevant but. Anyways, I tried calling my grandparents a million times and they wouldn’t answer my phone calls, all I got was one text saying they’d be back later. Then a super bad storm rolled in, and then probably 10-15 ghosts started piling into the basement. One of them, an older man, made a younger guy hold a gun up to my head and tried to make me shoot a deer. I couldn’t do it and I purposely missed the target. A couple of ghosts told me how they died, but now I can’t remember what they told me. Then a teacher and probably 5 or 6 school children descended further into the basement, and soon most of the other ghosts left as well. The older ghost from before made me go upstairs with him where he told me how he died. I don’t remember much but I know he was shot for trying to go against what someone wanted. Then we went upstairs where he told me he needed my help, that some ghosts would be performing a ritual at some point that night and all he needed me to do was open the door to interrupt them. I had a lot of dread about doing this, I felt like it would end up really bad. Meanwhile I had a feeling my grandparents would never return. Then my attention turned to my great grandmother who was on her deathbed. Her door just opened and she was laying there in her bed dying. She died several years ago, so this really shook me up. I’m not sure what any of this means, and I know there’s nothing vehemently scary about any of it, but I was absolutely terrified when I woke up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Nightmare

Postby ShadowDream » Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:49 am

Interesting dream, wish you could remember how the died. Short interpretation, You are stressed, you are dealing with darker things from your past, You are wanting to make yourself a better person. Things from your past are working against you. There is an internal struggle between the old you, which you have some comfort with, and the new you, which is struggle to be born. Is this your first child? The root of the dream maybe be the desire to be the best mother you can be.
Dream Seeker
Dream Seeker
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