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My dear sister, I miss you.

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My dear sister, I miss you.

Postby sonja179 » Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:39 am

Night dreams- A cure or curse of loneliness?

As a little child I spent summers with cows and large kennel dogs. I missed their presence during the winter.
I'm 18. When I was younger I had night dreams about strong bonds/relationships with an animal, e.g. a gentle, friendly elephant (he made me pregnant I think). I miss him. I also had a dream about breastfeeding abandoned puppies and a dream about sneaking out at night to be with a huge gentle mother deer and her little calf. She accepted me as her own. Her body warmth made me sleepy. I fell a sleep by her side in the forest.

At first I had a few dreams about a girl best friend figure. Nowadays I have dreams about not losing sight of my own beautiful fragile baby daughter(doesn't exist in real life) and dreams about me and a little sister. We try to survive together without home and family. I protect her, take care of her and stay with her 24/7. It's winter. We both have warm jackets and small backpacks where we carry necessities such as a tiny amount of food. If she's tired of walking I piggy back her. If I lose sight of her she will disappear from me forever. When I wake up I get lonely because she's no longer with me. I miss her!
In one dream I and a twin sister were young darker skinned girls in a terrorist run village.( I've had many night dreams of people with darker skin and black hair) Our plan was to escape together with the help of a journalist/reporter white woman on her around the world journey. I was pushed from behind into a strong river by two terrorist men. They laughed as they told my sister what they had done. She cried and was worried. She pulled up my heavy wet body on a tiny shore/beach at the end/side of the river. She sat on the beach and held my heavy wet pale head on her lap as she cried.

Songs that sort of describe my feelings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmjwdUzUegY

My drawings: file:///C:/Users/Sonja/Downloads/20181211_224618.png
file:///C:/Users/Sonja/Downloads/PhotoEditor_20181216_123934410.jpg (in this drawing I drew me more like a mother figure, not sister)

I tried, but it's impossible to capture the beauty of my baby daughter on paper. I remember looking into her big dark shiny eyes and gently holding my warm hand on her fragile beautiful head with tiny soft black strands of hair.
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