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Weird animals attack

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Weird animals attack

Postby zwrite1 » Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:27 pm

I was in a kind of wilderness area. Many of my girlfriends who are poets were there. I parked in the dirt-paved lot and went down a trail through some saw grass. I came back and everyone told me I should be more careful about wandering off especially at night. I had left a light in the path and needed to go get it. Several people decided to come with me. I started running through the grass and my biologist friend cautioned me to go slowly and stay on the trail because I could trigger predators. She said that some spotted black bears had been seen earlier. I got to the and headed back but not on the trail. As I got to the dirt lot, an octopus type thing followed me out of the grass. It was disk-shaped with a big head and was partially a tractor because the eyes were the tractors headlights. A huge water moccasin came out of the grass and was watching as the dis-tractor- octopus thing started to attack me. It made several threatening moves and then covered me with its body. People were screaming and yelling what to do. I was nervous and surprised, but more concerned about the giant snake.
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