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wierd hotel dream

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wierd hotel dream

Postby Rurouni » Tue Dec 11, 2018 6:17 pm

This morning I had the strangest dream.
I was roused some time before 5 a.m. by my husbands noisy morning routine. I had to get up for a minute, and when I got back to bed, I had a hard time getting back to sleep. I assume, the dream occured somewhere between 7 and 8:30 a.m.

The first thing I recall is a scene on a small boat. Someone let their hand glide through the crystal clear water as the boat glides across the lake. Someone (Was it me or someone else?) tells that person that the water is a habitat for dangerous creatures and they want to take their hand out, which the person quickly does. I stare into the water in anticipation to see some crocodiles or the like and I even imagine what would happen, if the boat were to tumble over and we had to swim our way to shore. I belief I really was swimming in that lake a litte before arriving safely at shore.
The next thing I remember is a very busy road. I am standing in the middle of the road waiting for a bus. There's another woman who constantly apologizes to the passing bus drivers for taking away their business just now. None of the busses ever stops and I don't understand why some woman standing in the middle of the road has such an effect on the bus drivers actions. They seem to be well acquainted with her, though. I ask the woman which bus I'd have to take but she claims she doesn't know. I have a feeling that she wants to keep me stuck there.
I cross the road. There are two small animals (I don't know what kind) in front of me. One has caught a mouse and holds it in its snout, but the mouse only pretends to be dead and as its hunter releases it out of boredom, it tries to slowly escape. Meanwhile I flip through my handbook. It tells me to behead a mouse in order to get some information. I see the tiny mouse crawling slowly around in front of me, but I dont kill it.
I turn around and walk along the street until I reach a familiar area. Apparently, though I am in some big city of some foreign country, I am very much at home there. I check with my smartphone map, which shows that I should be in a different street now, but I'm not bothered because I finally know where I am. I'm in front of a hotel. There's a sigh on the wall, stating that they offer "free friendship" to club members or so. There I catch up with my grandmy, who is mostly sweet but also quite stubborn and heavily demented, and two more relatives. The man usually takes care of my grandma and now they are on vacation visiting me. We get room number 93. Since we have to get onto the 9th flor I suggest we take the elevator, but it doesn't seem to be working. Granny gets impatient and decides to take the stairs. Just as she and the man have climbed a few stairs, the elevator opens its doors, but there's no turning back. I follow behind. On the 2nd floor granny wants to enter a room. The number on that door is changing (at some point it looks like a 62), making it difficult for me to understand how the numbering system in that hotel works. I explain to her that it is not our room and we have to go all the way up to the 9th floor. All the narrow floors are crowded with people either coming and going or chatting with the neighbors. The carpeted starcase with its wooden railing is also very busy.
On the 5th floor we find a staircase that only leads down except for the few steps that lead up to a resting area. We take a look out of the window. I see a park with a fountain or pool in the center. (I have a feeling that I am looking down upon the same waters I crossed earlier by boat only much more compacted) It's late already and they are cleaning the pool by draining it through the flower pots, like someone just pulled the plug. I know that they are doing this, but I have never seen it before and I find it interesting. In the pool I see lots of crocodiles of different sizes chewing on each other. There are too many to fit into that tiny pool so they are sort of stacked and intertwined and eating oneanother.
As we climb the next flight of stairs, granny suddenly runs past me downstairs. I have a hard time catching up and I'm worried she might trip and fall. She wants to order scrambled eggs and coffee at the hotel restaurant and take a break. A manage to convince her, that we should first go to our room. I grab her by the arm tightly and drag her upstairs. This time I seriously look for an elevator. I find a goods lift first. In the corridor in front of it a group of women sit around a table eating and chatting. They point to the opposite wall where the elevator is. I think that the elevator is rather tiny, so I suggest that I go first taking granny with me and the man and woman should follow taking the next elevator. Apparently some of the women from the table also want to take the elevator and I realise it can hold more than two people at once. I push granny inside, the man follows me in, but the woman would have to step on another passangers black tulle skirt hem to fit in, so she backs out. The elevator runs at high speed, but it now appears more like a train as it runs more sideward than upward. I ask the man if he has pushed the button, but neither he nor I understand the control panel. It doesn't have the usual number buttons, but a touch panel with a constantly changing display. Numbers appear and all too quickly dissappear from the display without giving us a chance to try and push any of them. The other passengers get off at the next stop, but somehow I think that we are already way past our floor. --- the end ---

When I finally woke up, I felt rather drained. :yawn:
Any suggestion, what the dream could try to tell me?
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