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Two Dreams

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Two Dreams

Postby techiedude » Fri Dec 07, 2018 7:58 pm

Age 35, one dream is new the other has repeated itself

Old Dream (Had this many times):
I just seem to be somewhere, a bunch of people dressed to the nine in fancy clothes, some with medals, some look like politicians (whats weird is this is space), they're talking about who I was? then says we had to erase the memories, someone points and says that's all your stuff, its a medal you wear around your neck, and a coat (like military style), I put them on and people look and I hear "does he remember" and they stare then start talking to themselves. Its weird, literally in a dream, no one can tell me "who i am" and that they removed memories, that's it, every time right before I wake up they say "Put him back" lol, totally messed up and thats it. All I know is location is a ship or some sort and no I don't think I'm an alien, I just find it odd.

New Dream (First time last night):

The details, colors, objects were vivid. Just seem to be asking a shop keeper questions, the first was "What can I buy here and take to the bank and they'll exchange for cash", thinking I was asking about gold (Theres a guy next to me that it seems im doing this for as a favor because he needs cash and all i have is plastic on me), he said nothing, then I asked for a ring (Ironically recently was looking at engagement rings), he first brings out what looks like an all natural uncut ruby, its weirdly large and pulls out a band and says he can fit this, while I'm doing this I notice two twins walk by in teal jackets, a few moments later i see them wearing brown, the job is old, the people are dressed like nazis during the 30s (though all seem happy, and going about their business). What was weird is I paid with my credit card, one from my wallet, I have a weird habit of looking at the last digits to find them in my wallet, and it was my CC. Again details, I realized I didn't feel like I was there and walked outside, 1000s of people all walking around, no cars, looked like a subway and or train station above people were going to, all wearing nazi arm bands. I saw myself in a mirror, I was dressed well like me.

Maybe meaningless junk dreams, but #1 repeats weekly, always the same, new dream again, I didn't type it all but the details, the voices, writing on walls was German, the shop keeping was a strong german accent guy, I spoke english.....no hostilities, no meanness nothing, it was just like i was shopping at a store in RL.....
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