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baffled about my dream

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baffled about my dream

Postby kthulutini » Fri Dec 07, 2018 7:33 pm

I have always had VERY vivid dreams...and usually when i remember them and feel a sense of purpose as it pertains to a dream.
I had the strangest dream last night.....and the fact that i remember it vividly has me a bit troubled.

In the dream my family (whom i haven't lived with in 17 years)---moved into a new home and when we were unpacking "my room" my mom was acting very nosey and eratic (this is not her. at all.) she was smashing glass bottles on the ground and i had fallen and had these shards and kept trying to pull them out of my hands...then all of a sudden (at least in my dream) a lot of family friends were there and my mom was going even more crazy then "our friend's" (who i don't know in my awake life) had a toddler that turned on the oven and climbed in and i had shards of glass in my hand and was trying to get the baby out of the oven.....but the baby kept pulling it shut. then i woke up..

i don't even know how to begin to interpret this dream.
but its stuck with me and has been on my mind all day.

anyone have insight?
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DM Lurker
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Re: baffled about my dream

Postby Varzandeh » Fri Dec 07, 2018 8:17 pm

Unpacking means a travel is on the way but your hand palm was hurt means you will be hindered from a travel.
A young boy means a sorrow and oven means wife of the house.
Please update in a few days to a few weeks,
For more information about the dream language symbols , please see the Dream Dictionary in the www.dreamsfact.com .
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Re: baffled about my dream

Postby Ghuntington » Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:35 pm

If this was my dream, here's my interpretation of it...

I first consider the location. I could have created and sited the dream anywhere, in any reality. Yet, I have selected my family's "new home". Why this?

i've learnt that rooms, houses and buildings in my dreams are all symbols of our inner beliefs. Each wall, ceiling and floor represent individual, masculine based beliefs that work together to create a portion of my personality. The multiple rooms are symbols of even more beliefs I have. Different floors are symbols of what I've called "realns" or energy levels.

So, in this dream, I feel I am moving into a new house. What I've learnt is that my beliefs filter my reality. In actual fact, I'm just discovering I am in a symbol of some of my spiritual inner beliefs AND, I'm interpreting it as "moving in".

Next, I'm in "my room", i.e. my bedroom. Bedrooms in real life are where we sleep, have sex and change our clothes. This room is a symbol of my inner beliefs that generate my conscious thoughts of myself and how I view myself spiritually (i.e. when we sleep we leave our bodies). It's also creates my views about myself sexually. Finally, it's where I can change some of the masculine based beliefs I spiritually wear, i.e. my clothes.

I am unpacking. When I first began to recall my dreams, many years ago, I was frequently in large rooms with lots of boxes. Each of these is a symbol of yet more masculine based beliefs that work together with the beliefs the room is a symbol of. Over time, as I learnt to listen to myself, the rooms began to empty out. Then I learnt that windows and doors would appear, i.e. I am finally working my way through the masculine based beliefs to finally see my feminine, i.e. the outdoors. Then walls would disappear. Over time, I would eventually fly over the old symbol of my beliefs where there was now nothing.

So, there I am slowly opening up some of the old beliefs symbolized by the boxes.

Before I get to my mother, I want to first focus on other objects in my dream scene, i.e. the glass. Glass is a symbol of my feminine being controlled by my masculine, i.e. sand being made into glass. I am showing myself that these beliefs are now no longer working for me. That's why they are now in "pieces" and I am having to pull them out of me. Sadly, in the dream, I literally interpret this. On to the other actors in this dream scene...

My mom. Is it her or, is she a symbol? She's a symbol of my "old feminine". in my dreams of many years ago, I frequently found this old couple in my dreams. They might change their looks but they were often in my dream scenes. Then a young boy and girl began to show up with them. As I learnt to listen to myself, i realized that the young boy and girl were symbols of my emerging new masculine and feminine and the old couple were symbols of my old masculine and feminine based beliefs. Over time, the old couple disappeared and the young boy became me. My wife is frequently in my dreams, often as a symbol of my feminine.

So, I am using my mom as a symbol of my old feminine. I'm likely doing this such that I vividly recall the dream. She, i.e. my old feminine, i.e. myself, is acting nosey and erratic. These are simply effects of some of the glass bottle beliefs she is breaking up. I don't trust my feminine which is likely why I am showing myself that it's acting somewhat uncontrollable.

Then some friends show up. These are some of my other lives that share the same underlying beliefs the room we are in is a symbol of. It's the kitchen, a place where we prepare our beliefs to then spiritually consume. One of my other lives is a toddler, i.e. it's showing me that I have a long ways to go to understanding and then releasing the beliefs. It's in the oven, a small belief compartment. I literally interpret the dream and want to save it and get it out of there, i.e. I'm not yet ready to address the beliefs.

Meanwhile those darned symbols of yet more masculine based beliefs keep sticking into me! That's my way of letting myself know to first focus on these.

I hope this assists you in your journey.

With kind regards,
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Re: baffled about my dream

Postby ChrisPeefeArt » Sun Dec 09, 2018 3:22 am

To me it sounds like you might have an emotional issue troubling you in your waking life. This sounds like you might be struggling with privacy/personal space in some way, or with someone crossing boundaries. And you might already be aware of the issues you gave and have been trying to work on them, but feel like whatever you might try to do may cause more problems. I think you might also be trying to help someone else, but find negative reactions your involvement. Do you have any stress in any of your relationships recently? Are you avoiding talking about problems in any of your relationships for fear of what problems may arise? Our dreams frequently help us confront problems that we are not willing to confront in our waking life and dreams about home are usually about your own psyche.
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