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Entrana's Dream Journal

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:17 pm
by Entrana3
In this thread, I will transcribe all my dreams, their dates, and any real-world contextual circumstances which they may be contingent on.

The purpose of this thread is to catalogue all my dreams. Since I like to reread my recollections of dreams as they are fresh, I figured that it would be good if I had all of them collated in a single repository.

First of all, these are two dreams I've already had which I've made singular threads for-

School bullies, a shark dome, and the Egg & the Frog

Date: 29th September 2018

Dream in which I foresaw an event of the day

Date: 28th October 2018
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I welcome everyone to reply feedback & analysis of any kind. Thanks in advance.

Re: Entrana's Dream Journal

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:43 pm
by Entrana3
The Asylum

Date: 20th July 2018
Content: I had emigrated to the United States or some reason. I joined a group of insurgent anti-industrialist vagabonds, where we frequently resided in caves and marvelled at the 'nobility' of the cave paintings there. I suspected that the cave paintings had no historical authenticity, and that someone in our group was drawing them to stir up false inspiration. Whenever we see cars, we flee- most of the cars we flee look like military vehicles, but we make no exception for clear driving civilians either.

One day, we're at a cave which has an entrance on a cliffside by a huge wheat farm. As we are exciting the cave, I notice from afar that there are glaring lights belonging to some grade of military vehicle we had not yet seen. I shout at my companions to run. At some point, a handful of us reach some sort of sanctuary. One of the members, who looked like a fat classmate who I occasionally conversed with in our music elective, who I had not seen in over a year, informed me that our 'strongarms' weren't here. I looked around and noticed that our group, a small fraction of the original clan, was comprised of those not disposed towards violence and without muscles. I presume that the strongarms were fighting the vehicles, but I can't be sure.

At some point, the vehicles, or some of them, which turn out to be military trucks, find our sanctuary- we make a run for it. We enter a cave and keep running. For some reason, in this dream, trucks aren't much faster than running humans. We approach an area that looks exactly like a path at my school's tech building, except that it is in a cave, and without sunlight- we run up a small series of steps (4-5?) and notice that the truck (now one, the other trucks had given up clearly) could not scale the stairs. I pull a shotgun out of my backpack (which I wasn't aware I had until this moment, at which point it suddenly seemed natural for me to have) and shot the driver of the truck in the face through the windshield, then once more through both of the sidewindows, just to make sure the fatality is incurred. Despite taking three shotgun wounds to the head, his face is still somehow distinguishable- I recognise it as one of my older friends, who I had looked up to as an epitome of a competent person. He looked very serene as if his final thoughts were accepting of death.

For some reason I get extremely angry, and in my anger, I raise up a middle finger at my dead, peaceful looking friend and hold it there for a while. Our de facto leader, a man who looked like the actor who played Ed Murrow in Good Night & Good Luck (a film we studied for English, where Murrow was the protagonist) tells us we just need to move a little further until we find a building to hide in. At some point on our walk I ask how much shotgun shells cost, since I only had one left in my firearm. A hefty fellow, perhaps the only 'strongarm' in our group, indifferently replied 'seventy dollars'.

Once we arrived in the building the entire dream seemed to be 'sepia'. We talk through the building, noticing it is a mental asylum. Frequently we see open, tiny rooms, without doors of any sort, containing inmates, who often lacked distinctive human features (like, they could have everything a human has, but with nothing in place of a mouth, or ears) and are seemingly completely free to leave but instead choose to confine themselves in their room- many of them are crouched in fetal position between a cupboard and their bed.

We reach a higher floor which appears to be an open hallway, and near the opening of a stairway we start noticing the 'caretakers'. The caretakers all look like jaded professors, who were all wearing quaint suits (tweed, or ordinary suits but faded over years of usage and dusty), and all looked melancholic and contemplative with small-framed circular glasses. None of these 'caretakers' took much heed to anyone else in this place- they seemingly noticed neither us, the inmates, nor each other.

At this open floor we'd come across strolling inmates who would threateningly glare at us or even follow us, but none of it amounted to anything. At one point, one of our group challenged a taunting, large inmate, but our group leader told him to stop. We notice this floor has huge, arched windows. Seeing as we needed an escape strategy, we decided to look out the window for 'leads'.

Then it becomes very disturbing; we notice that there is a massive message saying 'FREE THE' on the floor from the window- only at second look do I notice that the massive text is made out of hundreds of human corpses laid at one another's feet. We could not see the third word, which was obscured by the scene the window offered. At first, I was slightly excited and nauseated at my excitement because I thought it was asking them to free us, that our fellow insurrectionary anti-industrialists had made it by protesting with the enemy's dead, but then I realised it could just be a random mob demanding emancipation for the semi-human inmates.

Re: Entrana's Dream Journal

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:01 pm
by Entrana3
The Girl, The Expired Cookie & The Weird School

Date: Late November, 2018

I dreamed this dream while I was in China for work.

I was on a somewhat crowded bus, where all the seats were occupied and so the remaining passangers had to stand up- however, it was not so crowded as public transport often is, to the extent that each standing individual was afforded some degree of personal space.

A conflict ensued between two of the passengers of the bus. A few of the other passengers and myself intervened to divorce the conflict, which we did successfully. Perhaps owing to a traffic light, the bus abruptly stopped, causing me to stumble back slightly, coming in contact with another passenger. I turned around and said '不好意思' (sorry/excuse me); she was a girl, 13-14, that looked vaguely like one of my parents' friends daughters who I was fond of talking to, but got annoyed at some points. She said something patronising in English, which I got irritated at and so replied something sarcastic in defense, also in English- rather than insulting her, this made her desire to converse further with me.

At some point we both excited and were at a stop facing a very nice, palatial pavilion. Then, I realise that it is some sort of school as dozens upon dozens of teenagers start departing it, dressed in pseudo-traditional robes that appeared to be an uniform. All of the students also looked very healthy; they all had very good skin, and walked without bags or any other attachments, including phones, etc. For some reason, I immediately thought that the school must teach magic. The girl is here for her older brother, who is a student at this strange school.
I realise now that we're in a carpark.

My car is here; I go into the backseat to reach for my backpack, which I search through and find a large cookie; our school canteen used to sell these huge chocolate chip cookies individually, which were 3-4 inches in radius. It is packaged, and I consider gifting it to the girl. However, upon seeing the expiry date which which demonstrated that it had expired several months ago, I decided to eat it myself, feeling oddly sad at the prospect I couldn't gift the girl a fresher cookie.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:21 pm
by Entrana3
The Rotten-Apple-Woman

Date: 11th July 2018
Content: I was in some sort of apartment, which looked vaguely like my grandparents' one which I had spent the first three years of my life in. This apartment is two stories tall. I'm in the 'study' on the second floor, where I am perusing my laptop for some reason or the next. I went downstairs because it was 'time to sleep', although all the bedrooms were on the second floor, in rooms adjacent to the study.

The first floor was completely dark, with the exception of the light emitted from the television screen, which was cast upon the couch that contained 4-5 people. They were 'laughing' at something on the TV- except for the girl on the closest side to me, none of the peoples' mouths actually moved, but there was the sound of their laughter nonetheless- my dreamed persona saw no contradiction or strangeness in this. The girl on the closest side for me, however, was absolutely hysterical, and her face was contorted by laughter.

This girl would've been attractive, if she didn't look monstrous- she had nice, delicate facial features, a black ponytail, and her body looked pretty fit. However, her skin was a hue of unnaturally dark grey, with pustules and 'craters' all about that leaked a green liquid which looked like a more congealed version of tree sap. Her eyes were big, black beads with a tiny circumference of iris. What was most noticeable, however, was the smell, which was a concoction of heavily chlorinated pool water, rotten apples, and human shit. I wasn't sure how I felt about her- the smell was disgusting (but it didn't nearly disgust my dream person as much as it would've disgusted conscious me), but she seemed innocuous, laughing at a television, and her eyes looked playful.

Anyway, I tapped her and told her, with an ever so slight hint of flirtatiousness, something paraphrastic of "you smell like a variety of things, some of which aren't good, and people are trying to sleep, so, yeah"- to which she responded with an excessively excited giggle. I think I was consciously lying in the dream; I think I knew that no one was trying to sleep, and that all the attendants in the apartment were on the couch, with exception to myself.

Re: Entrana's Dream Journal

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 7:15 pm
by Entrana3
The Obese Giant & The Romcom turned Horror - warning: rather disturbing nightmare

Date: 29th July 2018
Content: I went to a fantastically large shopping mall with the intention of seeing a movie. Since the cinema was on the highest floor, I take an elevator- although the elevator outwardly looks like an ordinary shopping mall one, once I go inside I find that the floor is a crude metal sheet, and that it looks like an industrial elevator suited for living cargo from ships.

The movie I see features a dad and his three young children. The opening of the movie involves the family moving in to the top compartment of an abandoned spaceship, which the dad manages to actually look homely after some renovation. The dad warns his toddler not to play with the 'fireworks', which remain unseen but implied. The actor for the dad either was Adam Sandler, or looked like & acted the way that Sandler did.

I don't remember much of the movie, but by the end, he meets a girl and they get engaged.

Leaving the cinema I decide to go down several flights of escalators (which are also impossibly long) rather than take the elevator, because the industrial theme of the latter kind of scared me. At some point while on the escalator, I see a very tall and very fat man a dozen or so steps above me who somehow captivates my complete attention. For some reason, I suddenly feel a rush of affection for him. I make eye contact with him- he smiles broadly, and I return it. We go down an inordinate quantity of escalators, all the while separated by steps containing other people, flashing to each other broad, stupid smiles.

Exiting onto a busy metropolitan street, I wait for the fat man to talk to him. Once he's down, I immediately rush to him and start blathering on about how weirdly enchanting and captivating he is. He smiles and nods understandingly, but makes no verbal acknowledgment of what I said; instead, he starts going on nonsensically about the joys of dancing. He keeps talking about dancing, and even encourages me to dance, when he wasn't dancing himself, but just talking about it. For some reason my cognizance of this fact broke me out of the trance and pissed me off- I looked at the man again, and I realise that he is inhumanly tall; at least 10 feet, and his fat is fucking weird. His chin seemed to extend all the way to his breasts, and his belly, while very huge, only stood forward- most morbidly obese people were as wide as they were thick, but this man looked as though he were pregnant with a gigantic man-slug baby. His face, otherwise, looks oddly normal provided the eccentricity of his other features. My disgust for the man also becomes an incredible fear- I don't think he is human; maybe he once was, but now he's a monster. I turn to run and don't look back.

Somehow, I've run into a rural area. I enter an old, pretty, vaguely gothic looking building, mistaking it to be a museum. I realise that I am mistaken; this is a convent- I see nuns all around. I peak into a room which appears to be an old-fashioned classroom, with lectern-like desks. There is a stern elder nun teaching all the younger nuns what looks like some extremely complex mathematics. I start moving around the convent. Two girls pass by me and giggle. I deduce that no one here is actually religious- from the teaching of extremely complex mathematics, to the looks of sultry, cunning intelligence in the girls' eyes, there appears to be no sort of penitence or piety.

Sometime later I wake up early in the morning to go see a movie again.

This time, I drive my car into the mall's carpark, and go into another industrial elevator to the cinema- unlike the other elevator, however, this one has no outward appearance- from the outside, you can accurately infer what the inside would look like.

The movie is called 'her', and it is a sequel of the romcom I previously saw. I assume that it is about the girl the father was engaged to by the end of the movie.

The movie begins, and I notice something is immediately wrong. They are no longer in their charming, retrofitted spaceship compartment- they've moved to a small, 'modern' apartment, which seems depressing. I know that the movie is definitely a sequel, yet the children are no longer toddlers like they were in the previous movie, but infants.

Out of one of the babies' stomachs arises a demon-girl. There is no blood or gore, the baby's stomach just seems to puncture open like a wet tissue, with the girl emerging. The girl's face looks very similar to the baby's; she looks like she's in her late teens, but maintains much of her baby fat. If it wasn't for her eerily big, black pupils and diabolical hairstyle- two massive, upward turning braids in the shape of demon horns, she would've been 'cute'.

Throughout the movie she starts having sex with her dad, who seems to be pacified and his vitality stolen by the fact of her fucking- she goes between eating her siblings and fucking the father. Although I feel fearful the whole time I'm watching the movie, I also remember feeling anger at the dad for not doing anything about his babies getting devoured. The first baby was devoured in a very arbritrary way- like a young child eating a steak and carving pieces from a different side every successive bite- one ear gone, part of the left ribcage gone, a foot gone, etc.

However, with the second baby, she eats much more methodically- she presses her fingers into the baby's chest, withdrawing its' heart, which she eats in a single gulp. Despite being 'heartless', the baby gives out an anguished cry which starts off sounding like a human infant but gradually sounds more and more inhuman.

She goes back to having sex with her father, while the baby, now without a heart, would say 'pain' every now and then in a monotonous, high-pitched voice, almost like a text-to-speech software.

After she eats the second sibling, she eats her father in one go. This I do not see, but it is implied offscreen. I then find that I am not in a cinema, but the spaceship attic of the first movie- the decorations are gone, and it looks bleak. For some reason, although I believe that I am both not in a movie and within the movie; I expected the girl to suddenly look at me before my vision goes black, as per a horror movie trope. This prediction comes to fruition. Then, for some reason, I realise I am in my house, in my bedroom, which is atop a small tower protruding from the main house. I have seemingly teleported from a cinema into the movie into my bedroom- my dream persona sees no contradiction. The movie has me scared, and I run rapidly downstairs turning on every light for reassurance. However, this is to no avail, as whenever I'd turn one room's light on, another room's light would turn off- there would always be darkness.

Once on the first floor, I realise it's night, and my dread amplifies to the point the adrenaline rush makes me want to puke. I was certain the movie was of a fairly standard duration- I went to see it in the morning. It should've been afternoon at latest. I feel further fear that perhaps I am going insane. I then notice that my house's front door is completely gone. I realise that, while I was engrossed by the movie, a burglar had stolen my door and was perhaps in my house. Going to investigate, I go to the door, and see two of my good friends in my driveway. They are giggling innocently and don't seem to realise I'm watching. I'm both calmed by the fact it's them and not more intimidating burglars, but also disappointed that they would hurt me so.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 7:30 pm
by Entrana3
The Greek Exam and The Dead Friend

Date: 7th December 2018
Content: I was with one of my studious friends at school, and we were paired together for an assessment task which involved learning the entirety of Greece's history and the Greek language. The deadline was near, and we'd made little progress. We were in the library, and whenever I voiced my anxiety about our impending failure of the exam, my friend would reassure me that all was fine.

We went outside and down to the school's field for a recourse from my worrying in the library. For some reason, there were maybe a dozen of us lads there (I went to an all-guys school), and we were practicing traditional dancing, as if for an upcoming prom. I noticed that my friend, Liam, who'd killed himself a little over a year ago from today, was there- for some reason, this didn't surprise me nor any of the other students. He looked strange; he looked old, but his facial features and physique were still those of his seventeen year old self- it looked like he was a living image of one of those fun apps that filtered people to look old. I figured out, somehow, that it was a Sunday, and it was presupposed that Liam 'came around' every Sunday.

I asked Liam why he could only see us on Sundays, and how the laws of the afterlife worked. He said something like 'Dunno. Just is, I guess' in a very nonchalant tone. His lackluster response made me upset.