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Postby dreamking » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:06 am

Hey guys ive been having these crazy dreams lately and I figure somebody give me what they think. Didn't know the category because it swung from a really pleasant dream to a dark dream.

the only part I remember was swimming down a river looking at Austin(where I live) super happy and sunny day and then playing catch with some old highschool friends (who are all in jail right now) then seeing my girlfriend, then (blank space) then my mom showing up out of no where and telling me I have to go back to Houston(my home town) and I said why and she said My girlfriend told us all the bad stuff you have done to her that you didn’t want to say, and I refused to go back and she said my dad is on the way right now, then I got super aggressive and said I’m not gonna let y’all do this to me and take me away. and start yelling and hitting stuff and pushing stuff over. (my girlfriend is watching the whole time) So I’m walking down the street then my dad pulls up and we argue about how I treat my girlfriend and then he grabs a belt and I grab the belt from him and we fight and I hurt him by punching him because he wasn’t listening to me because the whole time after I start arguing I have no voice, I’m talking and nothing comes out and then I try to fix him and this random girl comes out of no where and a van and I try to tell her what happened but my voice isn’t working and then she tried to take me away and she said they take bad men to where they belong and I fought them and got away and I’m running and there are a lot of the same people chasing me and then I see one of my best friends in the distance sitting smoking weed having a good time while im running and then the people all catch up to me and shoot me, then I fall in the water and try swim away but then they unload on me heavy and I die. Then I wake up, and I’m in what looks like your moms house and I’m freaking out and my mom is in the living room watching tv and I say I’ll be right back and I walk outside and it’s raining and I don’t remember what’s real and then I call my girlfriend phone and can clearly see her real number and hear her voice but couldn’t confirm if she remembered who I was before I woke up (for real woke up) breathing heavy. Felt like the Inception movie

(context) maybe this is just because I had conversation about being told I treat my girlfriend unfair by her perception, and we agreed I don't treat her poorly she just assumes the worst and doesn't really notice the good stuff unless its done in grand fashion. we also talked about her meeting my parents for Christmas (not the first time she meet them) and she wants the to like her and because we used to have a bad relationship she freaks about what they know about our past and she wants them to like her. that was a conversation we had right before I slept
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