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Need help

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Need help

Postby Thelioness » Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:05 am

Need some help interpreting this dream.

So a female friend,also my coworker , and I decided we were going to go on a rode trip. We took my car, its a Crown Victoria police interceptor, with a red lightbar and push bumper,(this is important later) Well we head north, its winter, lots of snow on the ground, lakes and whatnot are frozen. So we get up way up north. No idea where we are. I pull into a gas station/ convenience store. I fuel up the car, run in pay for gas and use the restroom. I left my car running so my friend could stay warm.

Well i come out and she's driving off with my car. I roll my eyes and shout that if she doesn't bring my car back i will call the police and report that she stole it. She shouts back she's gonna just take it to the lake across the street to do some donuts on the ice.

I shout no im calling the police. So i call 911. And as im on the phone with the dispatcher she starts doing donuts on the lake. Suddenly the ice breaks the car goes under. I howl no. And then inform the dispatcher who im still on the line with that the car went throught the ice. I also tell the dispatcher to send two medics. The dispatcher asks why. I say i cant let her drown.

So i run back in the station grab several hanks of rope, give the cashier my phone and wallet. Telling him ill pay after i get back. I unbundle the first hank as i run towards the lake. Tieing it to a post on the guard rail. Then attach the second hanks end to the end of the first hank.

I tie the rope securely around my waist slide/run out to the opening in the ice. I take a breath and dive in. I find the car at the bottom about 15ft down. I pull out my tactical knife and use the glass breaker on the end to break the drivers side window. I then use the seat belt cutter on the knife to cut the seatbelt away and pull her from the car. I pull her to the surface as officers arrive. One officer grabs the tied off end of the rope to help pull my unconscious friend and myself across the ice and back to shore.

Still cold and wet i feel for a pulse , check for breathing and she's pulses and nonbreathing. So i immediately begin CPR. A few minutes in paramedics arrive as she starts coughing and spitting up water.

The officers arrest her as we both get taken to an ambulance.

Any help would be great.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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