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Great Scourge on Earth

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Great Scourge on Earth

Postby ptosis » Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:43 am

only way is to kill your doppelganger then yourself (just to be sure).

Alien from out of this world orgin used to take over the Earth is this crack-like drug.
With a tail like the usb wire coming off your mouse.
Must break the inner glass like structure , doing this more than once in different directions , (just to be sure).

This drug not alters the reality of the user but anybody else who is within about 15’ the closer you are to the user the worser the effects are.

The effects other than the usual euphoric are as follows

Great chaotic alternate realities existing in the same space and time as the very small number of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle becomes larger towards unity. ________________

Creates clones. Your job is to kill your clone. Then yourself, because unknown if clone or original. This is the same for the Others. The Others are clones/original who surmised the same fix.

You may have multiple clones. The gathering of the clones/original is to collect the crack-like drug ‘rocks’ - think Indiana Jones movie when the 3 rocks are placed near each other - something happens.

This ‘rocks’ are basically the crack-like drug that are packaged to sale.

Gathering the rocks, put them all together in one spot, will make the others arrive.They may or may not kill you but also want the rocks together near to make something happen.

Alternative to killing all:
Stand ack to back facing the world in defense, you discover that your friend who doesn’t even look like you – is one of you ‘clones- so not all clones look the same due to the multiple universes inhabiting space-time co-currently. The back to back stance will have you 'meld' into each other as one, making a stronger person. (Think Highlander, but killing is not the only way to be "The One'.

The minimum range of error in position (x) times the minimum range of error in momentum (p) is, at a minimum, about equal to the Planck constant.
lanck first quoted the value of h to be 6.55×10−27 erg·sec.

It's a very small number and us macro don't notice it, but bringer closer to unity, (1) one =unity, the chaos increases.
The planck length is smaller than the universe is larger (of a comfortable human dimension of one meter or a basketball) by 9 orders of magnitude. That's really^9 small.

Now the uncertainty principle is not something we notice in everyday life. For example, we can weigh an automobile (to find its mass), and all automobiles have speedometers, so we can calculate the momentum. But doing so will not make the position of the car suddenly become hazy (especially if we're inside it). So measuring the momentum of the car seems to produce no uncertainty in the car's position.

The reason we don't notice the uncertainty principle in everyday life is because of the size of Planck's constant. It's very small:
1.05 X 10^-34 J.s

Anyone who has studied quantum physics will agree that it's very strange. Not only do we not know everything we would like to know about a particle, but we can't know everything we would like to know. This is what the uncertainty principle tells us. But there are many areas of science that are strange, and this is not the most unique feature of quantum physics. What makes quantum physics truly special is this: Even if we know the theory of quantum physics inside out, and we perform thousands of experiments that verify its predictions, there are still questions that remain. These questions involve the meaning, the interpretation of quantum physics. For example, if we can't know the position or momentum of a particle, does the particle even have a specific value of position or momentum? Or does the particle only have these attributes when we measure them? The surprising answers provided by quantum physics seem to be: no and yes. To illustrate this, let's go back again to Young's two slit experiment.
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