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What could a golden watch mean??

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What could a golden watch mean??

Postby MoonlightDelight » Sun Dec 02, 2018 7:09 pm

    long story short, the dream begins with me receiving my “inside the dream” boyfriend’s (I’m in love with him irl) favorite and sentimental golden watch to give me luck on one of my worst university tests... i finish the test and I’m late to give it back to him for some reason, i atart running, jumping stairs and I’m always looking to the watch to see if it’s still in perfect condition. I run about two blocks length (inside the university) until i get in his class room... there’s no tables or sits and he’s there talking to his professor about music and stuff and when he finally sees me he smiles and say “cmon” i answer back “I thought i was late and you don’t even have a class right now?” He says he’s sorry and i give him the watch and then he puts his arms around me and we both keep looking to the watch which is in his hands and we start talking about how important that watch is for both of us... in his case someone special gave it to him as a lucky charm and then he gave it to me for the same reason and by the end of the dream we’re still in each others arms and we’re smiling and passionate about that moment. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME FIGURE THIS DREAM OUT? Feels very sentimental to me.
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