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Can someone make sense of my dream ?

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Can someone make sense of my dream ?

Postby JamieCoyote » Fri Nov 30, 2018 4:20 pm

Hi, I'm new here. I've been having weird dreams, and this was the newest, and I'm really confused by what it means. There was a machine outside a building that shoots out mail, I was waiting for a package. I sat in front of the machine and it shot out some nuclear warheads and other stuff, but nothing that I waited for. I got tired and started to tamper with it. My brother was sitting closeby and went up to me and asked to fix himself. I go to the side and just let him.

I then look for my mum, which was down a rocky dark cave. I wasn't fund of the cave. It was cold, damp and scary. I found her at the end of it. She was wearing a baby blue grandma pyjamas, and was holding a small TV. I started to take her back home, she was complaining how her video didn't record right and that upset her. The video was on the TV, it was on VHS, the video was just my mum standing, with no face, whimpering.

Then I get close to two windows. My mum didn't had a face anymore. It was just a whole bunch of holes in her face, and a mark of a fly on her chin. She kept whimpering and crying. I entered the window and closed it. My brother rushed and entered the other and closed it. I kept thinking about some games, but my mum wouldn't leave my head. She was right outside my window, just crying and whimpering. I think she wanted something but I didn't know what. She stood there like a zombie waiting for brains.

Can someone help me understand this dream ?
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Can someone make sense of my dream

Postby inpuri » Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:26 pm

cmon anyone, please? I realize no one cares about my personal problems, but surely someone has something to say on the matter.
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Dream Child
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Re: Can someone make sense of my dream ?

Postby Varzandeh » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:08 pm

Nuclear war heads means you will receive two big news.
Your mother in a cave means she will get ill.
A Tv is a symbol for a liar deceiver person around her.
For more information about the dream language symbols , please see the Dream Dictionary in the www.dreamsfact.com .
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Re: Can someone make sense of my dream ?

Postby Ghuntington » Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:03 pm

Before I begin interpreting your dream as if it was mine, I'd like to tell you what I've learnt from my dreams, meditations and out of body experiences, as it will help give you a different perspective on why we dream what we dream...

I believe we are in a virtual reality. It's all about learning about compassion. Note that not having compassion is but one of many ways to learn about it.

Further, I also believe that every possible choice, for each moment, is realized. Why? We're in a program learning about compassion, so every possibility needs to be explored. If this is all one big computer simulation, then it begins to make sense.

I also believe that we live thousands or likely many more lives. Each one of these is alive at the same time. How could this be possible? If we live in a VR than it once again makes lots of sense.

Are we just products of a VR? No. We exist outside the VR as well. That's where our greater self or whatever you want to call it exists. Well let me rephrase this. It's were we exist outside of our VR as a greater self.

Then I've learnt that before we incarnate we carefully select our parents, life circumstances, etc. We then create our own personality that, in effect, filters the greater reality out and causes us to react to certain situations in different ways.

Finally, I'm learning that our dreams are absolutely packed with information if we're listening to ourselves. It's like a gigantic symphony. Yet, sadly, most of us aren't listening and as a result, we literally interpret our dreams trying to make sense out of them.

So with all this said, here's my interpretation of your dream as if it was mine...

first, I consider the location. I could have created the dream anywhere, in any reality, in any time and yet, here I am outside a building with a machine. Buildings in my dreams are symbols of masculine based beliefs. When we're inside the rooms, they filter out our view of our feminine, i.e. the outside. So, here I am, outside a building I need to investigate. However, first I need to explore the machine.

A machine is yet another symbol of masculine based beliefs. This one is shooting out mail. It's a paper based system of communication, i.e. yet more masculine based beliefs. Many years ago, when I was just beginning to learn to listen to myself I'd find myself reading or writing letter or, using computers or telephones to communicate. These are all masculine based ways of communicating. As I addressed the beliefs they represented, I found that my ability to spiritually communicate with others improved. That's because this uses feminine based beliefs.

So, there I am sitting in front of the symbol. When I am sitting, it means I am not yet able to spiritually stand on my own two feet yet to see the effects of the beliefs. One of the effects is fear generated by what I call command/control beliefs. These are masculine based beliefs that are afraid of my feminine. As a result, I see nuclear warheads and other "stuff". All of these are symbols of my surface level fears that I need to address by focussing on what creates them underneath.

I'm waiting for a "package". I am laughing a bit at myself as I write this. Why? It's me who's not communicating with myself! That's what this first scene is all about.

I'm not ready to face these beliefs, i.e. I get bored. At least now I am more consciously aware of them. I then want to adjust the beliefs. So I begin to tinker with the machine.

I'm literally interpreting my dream thinking the machine is a machine and it's not giving me what I want.

My brother is in this scene. Is it him? Yes. He shares the same underlying beliefs I do that the machine is a symbol of. He too is just like me...spiritually unaware of what the machine represents. He too wants to take command and fix it. Both of us have a long ways to go to realize what this dream scene is all about. Then the scene changes.

I'm in a cave, i.e. I am within my feminine AND, I don't like it. I've found the first thought or feeling in a dream is very important. It's the theme for the dream scene.

I'm looking for my mom. Is it her or, is she a symbol? She's a symbol of my feminine.

I've found that the clothes and colours of them we wear are important. They are symbols of yet more masculine based beliefs we use to spiritually cloak ourselves. The colours relate to our etheric and physical chakras, pointing out to ourselves where the effects of our beliefs are affecting our bodies.

I want to point out that I've also learnt that we are much more than our physical and dream bodies. Yet, because of our beliefs, in our dreams, we get scared of when we are naked. I've learnt that this is a symbol of us finally releasing old beliefs we have spiritually worn.

So my feminine is dressed old grandma clothes! This is a way of letting myself know to spiritually wake up and realize it's all about me coming to terms with beliefs I've likely used in many of my other lives. They're also blue. Find an online copy of "The Chakras" by David Leadbetter to understand where these beliefs are affecting yourself by looking for the colour blue.

And, what's my feminine holding? Why a TV! A masculine based belief symbol used to communicate!!!!! This relates to the first scene where I am waiting for a package. Both are telling me to recognize I am limiting myself in my abilities to spiritually communicate.

And my feminine is complaining to me about it's limited ability to record. I am once again laughing at myself. All I have to do to see the past is to become aware. Many people who have near death experiences go through a life review session. They experience every moment in their lives from all the participants perspectives. One doesn't have to nearly die to see this. Yet, I don't understand so my feminine is complaining, showing no face. Why? It's me who has to learn to "face myself". Then the scene changes...

I am now close to two windows. Windows are symbols of the beliefs that are restricting my ability to see my greater self beginning to allow this to happen. I can finally "see out". The number of windows is important. You should check the meaning of the number 2.

My feminine's face is dissolving. This is actually great! Why? It means I am beginning to become aware that my feminine is me and not a symbol using my mother. There's a mark of a fly on her chin. This is a totem, i.e.guide/teacher. If I could recall what type of fly it was, I could Google it with the word totem after it to learn more about what this totem is trying to teach me.

Then my brother enters the masculine based belief compartment. We aren't ready to face the beliefs, which is why he closes the window. Good news - at least now I am aware of what the beliefs the room is a symbol of is doing to me. Not so good news - I'm not ready to face it. That's why I am thinking of games where I don't have to contemplate myself.

And there's my feminine, standing outside the masculine based belief compartment crying. It's me who's actually crying because I am not yet aware of who I really am. Instead, I literally interpret this thinking it's not me, it's my mom, and she's acting like a zombie waiting for brains.

I hope this resonates deeply within you.

Guy :)
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