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An Underground "Force" ..

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An Underground "Force" ..

Postby aussie_musician » Thu Nov 08, 2018 4:40 pm

Dream From Nov 9 '18:
the location for this could be in newcastle (not that it is).
what i do know, is that there is some sort of "force" inside the earth.
and its trying to get to the surface of earth.
its not a volcano nor is it an earthquake.
they may be the effect of the force but certainly not part of the cause.
and i'm sure its not anything to do with the (new) tram system for newcastle, which does come to mind.
the tram system was previously in newcastle, almost 70 years ago.
this force, does seem to be a spacecraft or anything like that.
sections of the ground (locally or globally) crack, due to this force trying to get to the surface of earth.
i do get some sort of vision of this force, as though i can see it way down in the ground.
what i see, is a black wall, with press studs attached to it.
surprisingly, no one is scared of this force.
apparently the opposite is true, and people are excited by it, or anticipating it.
hmmm, i don't know what to make of it.
ironically, this force isn't a news story.
well, not on telly or radio.
the dream ends, sometime after i see or know about the cracks.

any questions .. comments or queries ???
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