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Bottle-O Shop ..

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Bottle-O Shop ..

Postby aussie_musician » Thu Nov 08, 2018 4:38 pm

Dream From Nov 8 '18:
the location the petrol station at the corner of maitland road and baker street in mayfield, suburb of newcastle.
there is a salon out the front, along maitland road.
there are other shop as well, plus a newsagent (where petrol is paid for, inside).
i'm on the same side of the road as the petrol station, and walked west, past the salon.
it is day time, or perhaps mid - late afternoon.
as i walk past the salon, i see a green a4 sized poster, being carried by the wind.
the poster is from the nearby bottle-o shop.
there is a drive-thru bottle shop before these shops, which is a separate shop, and its east of these shops.
so i grab the poster, and then walk around to my left, towards the newsagent, to take the poster inside, and hand it to one of the staff members.
as i get to the door, i see a carton of 12 cans, on the ground.
one can is missing from it.
the wrapping is clear plastic.
i think the staff do take the poster.
as for the cans, i grab them, and take them in, and put them down on the floor, near a display of cans.
there is a staff member that this display.
so i begin removing the cans from the platic wrap, and put them on the floor to start the display.
as i do, i notice there is a metal frame to my right.
it has other stock in it.
the frame could be one end that i see, because there is a main upright piece, and some thinner side pieces attached to it.
its a trolley or something.
the staff member repositions the first can i put down.
i thought there was a roll of toilet paper or paper towel that he or she moves out of the way, not sure.
the dream ends, as i put these cans on the floor.

any questions .. comments or queries ???
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