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I keep having dreams about bad stuff happening to my husband

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I keep having dreams about bad stuff happening to my husband

Postby Tgibson92 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 2:29 pm

So in the first dream we where at a hospital. Everyone was there but instead of someone watching my kids I was stuck in the waiting room with them while everyone else was back there with my husband. After a while I got fed up and went back there and heard the doctor telling them he had cancer and that we would have to travel the world for treatments. I then said “here’s the deal... I’m going with him! Amanda (my sister) you are on babysitting duty” she replied that she had to work and I said “I don’t care! Mom and dad will help!” Then everyone left but my sister, my dad, and myself and I started crying saying that I was scared. That’s when I woke up.

The second dream, I was at my moms, and my husband was parked beside the road waiting on me. I was trying to get my youngest child to hurry up so we could leave. I get outside on the porch and notice a coal truck fly by and thought it hit something but didn’t think anything of it because I could see someone standing beside the truck and thought it was my husband. My mom takes off running saying we’ve gotta call 911 and then I look at the truck and notice my husband ain’t there, it’s some old man. I walk around the truck and see his head laying on the ground and the rest of his body in tiny pieces all over the road.

The third dream, we where at my moms again, and an old man that used to try to flirt with me was there arguing with everyone. He gets in his car to leave and everyone goes in except my husband. He stands at the edge of the porch making sure he leaves. I’m standing in the doorway waiting on him. Next thing I know the old man pulled out a gun and shot him. It was a lung shot and I was holding pressure on it until I noticed he wasn’t breathing. I then started blowing air into his lungs through the bullet hole. That’s when I woke up.

In the last dream, my husband was driving our car but he was on the passenger side. I was setting in the back directly behind him. We where arguing but I don’t remember why. He kept looking back at me and I’d have to holler at him to watch where he was going because he was swerving into the other lane. We were on a four lane and was going about 70 mph. Then he looked back at me again and went off the road, I saw that we were going to hit the cliff so I braced my arms against the back of the seat and closed my eyes and tried to breath through it. I felt the impact and the car started to flip and it kept flipping. I could hear my husband screaming! And then I woke up.

Anybody have any idea why I keep having these dreams or what they mean?
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DM Lurker
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