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Dream tombstone and number 35

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Dream tombstone and number 35

Postby ferrer » Thu Nov 08, 2018 4:13 am

Last night I had a strange dream and I cannot find an ecplanation to that, so if anyone has an idea, would be really helpful.

I dreamt about two gravestones on one was my name written and on the other my moms name. On her it was also the number 35 craved. I think my aunt was craving it or maybe she was just seeing it.

There was no grave, they were just laying somewhere on the ground. I remember saying to my aunt i guess:' I am not dead and i think i said that only my mom was.'

I woke up really panicked and couldn't sleep anymore. :(
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DM Lurker
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Re: Dream tombstone and number 35

Postby operatormike » Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:36 am

Dear Ferrer,

No reason to panic. The dream appears to be symbolic. Your mom and your aunt may be in the dream because you wish to be like them in some way. If you are a woman, it is likely that you wish to be a good woman and perhaps a good mother.
Another possibility is that you miss your mother.

Gravestones are symbols of a person's identity. This makes me also think that you wish to be like your mother. Even that you wish to symbolically die to the person you are to be more like her. You say something like, "I am alive and she is not." This statement seems to say that you are now the one to take over this identity as mother. If you are not a woman it could be that you wish to be like her in some trait like goodness or caring.

The number 35 means nothing to me, but it might be important to you somehow. (Your age?) Does it mean something special to you?

Other than that an odd number can mean that you do not feel your life is in balance. But the rest of the dream does not seem to support that idea.
On this site if you go to the tool bar at the top and mouse over Dream Dictionary, then go down to Dream Themes, then to numbers, you can look up numbers. I did and it says this:
35 - Thirty-Five

Dreaming about the number thirty-five means you are set in your ways. It can also refer to a lack of harmony in your waking life.

I don't know if that applies to your dream or not.

Well, that's about all I can say about that. I hope that some of this helps you somehow.

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