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Stray hair plucked as long as guitar string!

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Stray hair plucked as long as guitar string!

Postby sammiej23 » Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:52 pm

Roy my partner had treated me to get my hair done and was with me. A young blonde lady was doing my hair blonde but really slowly and kept walking off. I remembered thinking "shit, bleach can only be left on so long I hope my hair will be alright" it turned out nice but as she was styling it, a little from the front of my parting was a hair that kept going over the other side, she Asked if it be okay to just pluck it but that it'd be attached to the knee, I said no problem. she then got the tweezers and pulled for some time as I'm feeling horrified felt like a running stitch being pulled, didn't hurt, felt weird but that hair was as long and as thick as a guitar string. Any idea what this could mean? Sorry I do tend to have random ones!!!
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