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Postby kkotsin » Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:39 am

I dreamed about seeing some guys from a Finnish band that I was used to listen in my country for a vacation.
I had the chance to talk with one of them and asking if they'll ever do a show in there as well and suddenly they transformed the place we were in a sort of sea park.
While in there I found myself in a bar at the top of a structure near the park, and I met a girl (I'm a girl as well but in the past I had relationships with both boys and girls).
We started to talk and she brought me to her room where I discovered she was a rapper.
I listened to her music and actually she wasn't really convincing me, so I told her that she was just lacking with the rhythmic cadence, and she needed to change it because otherwise the song would sound the same, she was really into this dream since years and so I wanted to support her.
Then we started to kiss each other and it felt pretty interesting.
Suddenly I found myself on the way for a tobacco shop where I asked for a pack of cigarettes by paying 8Euros (9.12USD), a real high price since in my country it's half this price.
Actually I quit smoking since 6 years ago and in the dream I remembered this too so I was feeling guilty and I even told it to the tobacconist, but it was too late anyway to go back, so I go out of there remembering that I already had a pack of cigarettes in my purse.
I was going to the bus stop when suddenly I found the girl again and I cheekily told her that I wanted her so bad so while I was waiting for my bus to go home I wanted to kiss her.
There were many people around there waiting for their after school bus as well (note. I don't go to school since 8 years ago) so we tried to find the right place.
After some tries we stopped to care about the others and stayed against a wall, near a pharmacy shop window.
She kissed me quickly and I realized that even with the same look she wasn't the girl I met before but she was actually an old school mate of mine.
She grabbed me then because before letting me go home she wanted me to follow her in some place.
I knew I was late for the bus but I followed her anyway.
While walking I saw an extended piece of land with many fields as if we were near a farmland/country side and in that moment I said that in that place I was feeling good and free.
I then woked up around 12.46PM.

I'd like to clarify that it's the second night in a row that I dream about something linked to Finland and the second time in a row as well that I dream about greenery.
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