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Paying Prize Money ..

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Paying Prize Money ..

Postby aussie_musician » Wed Oct 17, 2018 3:47 pm

Dream From Oct 17 '18:
not that i see it happen, but a horse race has been run and won.
and thats all i know, in regards to the horse race.
also, not that i see myself do so, but i pay some people, their winnings from the horse race.
their winnings are that of $2.
the bet itself was $2.20, or a bit more than that, but certainly no more than $3.
maybe it was $2.40.
the odds were, either 2 to 1, or perhaps bigger, such as 10 to 1.
not sure what the exact odds were, but they were something like that, and not an uncommon odds price thing, such as 35 to 1.
and no idea who the people were, whom i paid the money to.

there was something said, or known, about the number 700, or the number 720, which seems to relate to this dream ..

any questions .. comments or queries ???
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