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Why people curse and say nasty things in their sleep?

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Why people curse and say nasty things in their sleep?

Postby WilliamBryson » Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:26 am

When a person sleeps they enter into and pass through 4 sleep stages. In the most deep sleep, called REM sleep, due to the Rapid Eye Movement, people dream, and some talk. The subconscious mind processes what it heard and saw during the day, and this causes dreams, nightmares, and sleep talking and in rare instances, sleep walking. Many times, it is the things that someone is most anxious about that they dream about. I typically say things like no, I don't think so, etc (according to my sleep partners). I have a cousin who sleep talks, walks, and even eats and drinks in his sleep! I noticed that my father started having nightmares in his old age, because as he aged, he felt more vulnerable to a potential attack, and would say even scream Nooooooo! As if he were scared of something in his dreams. I have noticed that when I dream of water in any form, I have to get up and go to the bathroom, which I believe is my subconscious communicating my need to go to the restroom. There are many good books covering the interpretation of dreams. I think the night cursers I have heard are typically angry people who repress at least some of their anger during the day.

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