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testimony at court over eBay, strange happenings there

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testimony at court over eBay, strange happenings there

Postby abbynormal » Mon Oct 15, 2018 4:29 pm

i dreamt i had been financially defrauded by somebody on eBay that i'd bought something off of, so next thing i knew i got a call from an attorney offering to take me to a special court where i'd mostly represent myself with his help, so on the appointed day i arrived looking seriously out of place with my ponytail and tank top and thin slacks and weather-beaten windbreaker [my real-waking-life "uniform"] in a small white-painted courtroom with blue-gray short-nap carpeting, blue-gray upholstered chairs, dark walnut tables and railings. everybody else there was dressed in business formal attire, the attorneys wearing blue suits and wingtips. i was wondering at that point if i was a fish out of water, i had not brought any documentation with me, naively thinking they'd just ask me a few questions and nothing more, which evaporated once i saw all the attorneys crowding around the table. i first sat in the witness chair but later on everything crowded up to me including the legal table and when i looked up at the ceiling i was amazed to see it was a gymnasium up there with ceiling vent windows that had been opened by some high-schoolers climbing pegs on the walls to reach the levers, and i felt a welcome breeze of cool outside air waft through the room. i looked through a gap at the wall and saw the inner workings, made of unfinished wood, with giant crude windows facing a cement courtyard with buildings on the other side about 100.' in there, i noticed a giant wooden water tunnel on the right wall, water somehow resting at one end of the gap lapping as if it were a lake- then a workman partially out of sight did something and the water came gushing out in one big 6' diameter 10' long plug that went GUSH! into the other end of the tunnel. i commented to some elderly gray haired woman, who was somewhat frail and very slender, and wearing an old-fashioned gray cap and woolen gray business dress of the 40s and 50s, with black eyes - "my, isn't this physical plant grand?" to which she curtly replied, "the floorplan is substandard, i could do better," then walked away. one of the blue-suited attorneys shouted at one of the jury panel, and then i noticed the relatively dead acoustic of the place, it sounded like the small room it originally was before it expanded. then i looked back at the courtroom cum gymnasium when i noticed it had grown substantially wider and deeper, and each time i looked up at the ceiling and then looked down the room expanded again somehow until it was a full-sized gymnasium. then i awoke. :?
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