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Two bad dreams ... Varzandeh????

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Two bad dreams ... Varzandeh????

Postby Yabbadabba123 » Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:13 am

This morning I dreamt my son broke into my bedroom and was hiding in the corner in the dark... I saw him and he was younger and I yelled at him and demanded he leave the room...I tried to lock my door but he had broken the lock so it couldn’t lock... he kept trying to break in... I woke up startled... then fell back asleep and dreamt that my daughter was being molested by her school bus driver... he was licking the breast area of her top and then she was putting her hand down his pants and she was gonna take off her pants but I stopped her... then my cousin witnessed it all and made her be quiet about it .. the number 120 also appeared in my dream as the location of where it happened...

Please interpret Varzandeh??
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