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buggy food in red-rock mansion

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buggy food in red-rock mansion

Postby abbynormal » Sun Oct 14, 2018 4:28 pm

i dreamt that i was in some European-style castle-like building made of red stone, in some European place. i was with a hospital co-worker from long ago [we didn't get along then IRL and barely spoke in the dream] and her husband, we slept together in a large empty room overlooking a courtyard with a view of a valley outside the large windows. the coworker commented on how good a sleep she had in that big ol' airy red rock room with high ceilings. we got up at mid-morning, it was sunny outside and brilliant blue skies, indeterminate temperature but on the warmer side. i went out into the hallway which was wider than a typical house, and another person there, a young blonde female wearing form-shifting clothing - one moment in a filmy white slip of a dress, then she was in blue and red skiing garb with maroon knit cap and goggles around her neck - beckoned me to go with her into the kitchen where the help was letting us help them clean up after the breakfast meal in exchange for the leftover food, and as i was clearing off tables i noticed there were big black ant-like and roach-like bugs crawling all over the food. i noticed a curious form of dessert, it was these stone mini-statues the size of coin rolls, the mini-statues were of shapely women draped in toga-like cloth and holding a table over their heads, the table was topped with blueberry icing. then i awoke without having had a chance to eat anything. :| :?
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