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Tiny Koala baby bear disguised to me as a tiny kitten

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Tiny Koala baby bear disguised to me as a tiny kitten

Postby jeniluhoo » Fri Oct 12, 2018 5:36 am

Hi all... I am new here, I found this site while searching for the meaning or some clues about a dream I had several nights ago but has not left my mind...

I was looking out on a field, a clear filed, green grass, blue skies and I was on maybe a porch or top of stairs to a porch looking out and there were so many kitties... Big, little, long hair, short hair, many breeds, many colors, many sizes, all domestic kitties just being cats. I did not sense and danger or threat, I sensed peace and calmness and was smiling just watching the kitties play and be cats, there was this tiny title grey one that just grabbed my attention and I zoomed in on this one and wanted to hold it and meet it and spend time with it, I went down to where it was in the grass some of the other cats scattered as cats often do when approached and to me it seemed or felt like the path of them scattering was like as if it were to lead me straight to the tiny grey kitten sort of like in a "clouds parting" kind of way (if that helps the picture, it seemed relevant in my dream) so I get to they little bitty grey kitty and I felt all these other kitties eyes on me at that moment, so I get down to the ground with it and go to pet it and say hello and it rolled over to see me and to my surprise it was not a tiny little grey kitten at all, it was in fact the tiniest, cutest, innocent, sweet, loving furry little koala bear! It rolled over on its back as it did and I realized this we looked each other directly in the eyes and I now that I am going over it again I think it yawned before I thought it just stretched out and made a tiny baby koala sound but I didn't know of course what that sounds like and still don't hahaha...

This dream has great significance I can feel it. I felt it immediately in my dream and when and woke and all throughout the day and has not left my mind since. That day when I was at work i saw two different Koala bears (I work at a retail type store) these koala bears looked like a mommy with a not new baby but still staying close to mom kind of size, they were a candle actually and for me to have even noticed it where it was on the shelf is surprising in itself because it was the only one and other things were in front of the koala candle blocking it from view pretty well, I just so happened to go straight to that spot to straighten the items displayed and BOOM there it was, and this was early on in my day around I'd say 11 am or so. I am really feeling the significance at that point again or more so than just from the dream itself. Then I am still in awe about this... I was off work the next day but when I returned to work the day after, I am back over in that same area and straightening the shelves etc and there plain as day this time is another candle of two koala bears!!!! This one is bigger than the first by more than half and it is a tan/brown koala candle and the first one was black/brown and much darker but way smaller....

I know that is pretty detailed, I hope that it is not too much info or detail and that someone out here reads through it and if so if anyone has any thoughts, questions, knowledge, advice, suggestions etc please know that I will read every word lol I just feel like to really understand it I need to really emphasize on the points that would go unnoticed and change the way it may be interpreted. I am not going to stop searching for clues as I KNOW there is substance and I KNOW that I am to find it.... So onward I go!!!

Thank you all...

Jeniluhoo :heartpump:
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