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Singer... Earthquake and Hostage takeover

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:04 pm
by nk2002
My dream is split into three parts.

The first part is with myself in my bedroom. In front of me is a hologram type thing of a German band from the 80s called Modern Talking, sitting down being interviewed.
I had the ability to pause what is happening in the hologram and manipulate things. I could actually go into the hologram and do things. I then took a packet of donuts from a bag beside the singers and took it into my room from the hologram and started eating it.

The second part of my dream I find myself in a small town, quite rundown and poor. A train line runs through the town but the trains are freight carriages instead of normal ones with chairs and things. There was a small school with lots of children. The children were being transported on lots of busses for some reasons.

I was waiting for one of the members of the band Modern talking like in the previous part. His name is Dieter Bohlen... But it would be him looking like he does today.
I heard an announcement of the PA which said something like "express coach arriving.... With Dieter Bohlen."
The train arrived shortly but only slowed and never stopped.

I tried to hurry to catch the train but to no success.

The third part of the dream made me some how transported into a large city resembling New York. I was at this ground level train station. It looked much nicer than the one i was was at in the previous part. I saw Dieter Bohlen walking down the ramp and said something like "Hello Dieter". As we walked together we had a small conversation about me coming to the studio and interviewing him about Modern Talking. I then found myself with Dieter in a tall building, at night. There was a lot of people. It was almost like one of those social gatherings were everyone wore formal. Then I felt an earthquake which prompted everyone to evacuate. Myself and Dieter began to run downstairs. At some point I got confused and instead ran up a flight of stairs and saw that Dieter didn't know where I was causing us to get seperated. I then found myself in a room full of people being held hostage by men with guns and being run by an Asian man. I then sat down on a chair facing the others. The instruction was that we all had to kill someone in the room. My view then changed to one similar to that of the Hitman Absolution game were you can pre select targets and then automatically kill them. I selected targets, obviously being some mercenaries at the back of he room. I managed to kill 2 in one but missed a third.

My view changed back into my room, where I found myself playing a Hitman game on my TV. Looking at the cover I realised it was in fact a video game titled Hitman.

The dream then ends here.

I actually enjoyed this dream and would love an interpretation.