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Three Tornados

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Three Tornados

Postby lostwoods1004 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 11:48 am

I have tornado dreams a couple times a month. Usually, I see multiple tornados in the distance and take cover before waking. I am aware that tornados may symbolize mood swings, or people around me with temper tantrums, life being in a whirlwind, etc. That all is fairly true about my life. However, last nights dream was different. I never had one like it before. I have been having tornado dreams for 20 years. I will also note that I live in Tornado alley and am deathly terrified of tornados or pretty much dying from anything out of my control. Anyway, Last night I dreamt that there was a tornado. I could see it way off in the distance and didn't think much of it. I kept an eye on it and after a while it got closer so I grabbed my three kids, ran outside and toward the clubhouse of the apartment complex that we lived in with the plan to take shelter in the bathrooms because, in my dream, we lived on the third floor. (I will note that in waking life I live in a house that has a spot under the stairs that we would seek shelter.) The clubhouse was crowded with people from the apartment complex so I started running to every apartment on the first floor, trying to find one that was unlocked. I found one that was unlocked so I ran in with my three boys and we took shelter in a closet in the first bedroom. I could hear the tornado getting closer, and the closet doors would not close so I grabbed all of the kids and moved to a different closet. There we stayed until the tornado passed. Except the tornado tore directly through the apartment we were in. I could see the wind spinning around us, and it was white. There was one shelf above us that had not been damaged so we stayed under there until the tornado passed. The tornado and storm eventually subsided, and we survived with no injuries. But soon after another storm started to brew. I was with my three boys and we were walking up the stairs to the apartment that we apparently lived in when I saw another funnel cloud and it began to touch down and formed another tornado. I grabbed the boys, and my cat (who died last month) and ran back downstairs to another apartment to take shelter. This time we went into a bathroom, there was one window in the bathroom which I didn't notice until it was too late to move to a closet. despite there being a window in the bathroom, we survived again with no injuries. Once again the weather subsided and I started to speak to a family in the apartment complex about the two tornados. We kept saying that we didn't know what the damage outside looked like yet, although I had been outside a couple times and saw no damage. That's when a huge giant dark gray tornado started to violently form together in the clouds. This thing was massive. I remember grabbing my kids again and saying that we probably weren't going to survive this one and that we needed to start praying. Then I woke up. What does this mean? I have never had dreams where three tornados have come separately after a calm. I have also never dreamt that I sat in the middle of a tornado and watched it pass.
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