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Black and white horsy cloud

PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 4:37 am
by Albatra
I saw a dream that i cant interpret
Wish u can help me
My housband and i were on top of the roof . Every thing was ok suddenly an storm started .white and black cloud moved toward us very fast. As soon as the clouds appeard the shape of them changed to horses ; black and white horsy clouds that gallop toward us. I was scared and i warn my housband to shelter...

Re: Black and white horsy cloud

PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 4:47 am
by Varzandeh
You were on a known roof means you will gain some dignity and rank.
Horses are great people , and cloud means science,
Seems there will be a gathering with such a people and you.
Please update in a few weeks,

Re: Black and white horsy cloud

PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:42 am
by Vos
The poster above thinks that dream symbols have universal meanings.

In my opinion, dreams are highly personal. Every Symbol has a meaning only in relation to your personal experiences. To understand the dream, we have to look into each Symbol, put them into a context, and so find the unconscious message that is trying to become conscious.

My questions for this dream:

Do you normally go on the Roof? If so, why? What could be the Advantage or pleasure in being on the Roof?

What is a storm? Could you shortly try to make your own scientific theory about how storms appear, how they function, how they look? Why are some clouds black, and some White?

What are your associations with horses, what Kind of thoughts do they bring to your mind?

Could you give a short character Portrait of your husband, with a few positive, and a few negative aspects?

What is the natural function of fear? Do you think the fear in the dream is senseful?

Could you make a title for the dream?

It would be highly interesting to hear your answers and to try to work with this dream, to get an idea about what might be expressed here.

Re: Black and white horsy cloud

PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:55 am
by Albatra
Thanks for your attention

When i was a child i used to go on the roof with my brother. Some times we played there and we used to watching around from there.

The advantage of being on the roof is that you have a better view and at the same time you can watch each side of the house.

Maybe a sudden change in temprature or weather causes storm.

Storms are frightening for me.

Black clouds is related to raining but i always enjoy watching white big clouds.

I really love horses .they are beautiful and graceful.

My husband is very logical and reliable but he is not romantic at all.
Fear protects us of dangers.

It was senseful because it was strange why clouds changed to horses and so many horses in the sky was coming toward us very fast. i was afraid to be hurt.

The title is black and white horsy clouds

Re: Black and white horsy cloud

PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:39 am
by Vos
The dream and your answers can give us at least a hint in the direction of what the dream is about.

Climbing on the roof helps us watch further. Watching further helps us orientate, one of the basic needs of a human being. As a child of course you were curious, willing to explore. What however is the use of orientation, if we are bound to the house? This is the etymology of Husband (which you might have understood when you spelled it as "housband"): house-bound.
Now the curiousity of the child has changed it´s form when you grew up: climbing the roof not so much anymore to watch far away, but rather, to watch the house from all directions, for safety.

Therefor the question: what is the use of safety, of being protected from dangers, when our basic needs are not satisfied, maybe not even made conscious, and when we have projected danger on the world around us?

But in a dream every symbol is part of the dreamer. The sudden change of temperature that causes a storm, is a part of you. As the voice of the unconscious in you raises itself, maybe a desire comes in you for exploration, for freedom, for romance (these few aspects I take from your dream – what it might be in reality of course only you can know). In other words: a storm starts inside of you, because something that was cold has heated up, a long ignored wish tries to raise it´s voice.
The problem is that on your own desires, your own unconscious, the danger is projected. Storms make you afraid, the beautiful graceful horses are possibly a source of hurt.
And therefor you hide in the shelter, hide away from your own impulses.

This dream invites you to see the beauty of your own free will, to listen to the inner voice that tells you what you want and not just what you think you need. To self expression instead of hiding for the storm.

If you have comments or critiques on my interpretation, or if you want to contradict, I would be glad to hear so. Also questions, or a new dream, are welcome.

Re: Black and white horsy cloud

PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 4:25 am
by Albatra
Its very intersting !

Last day before this dream i was in a situation which i felt a woman is intrested in me .then i thought isnt it a projection ?!

Maybe this dream is a bout it!

And it is really hurting .

Re: Black and white horsy cloud

PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 8:21 am
by Vos
If you think a woman is interested in you, what could you do to find out?

When we walk through the world, we are all the time confronted with our own projections. Our task is to break through these projections. To have the courage to break through projections, to be willing to find out if a person is this or that; friendly or not; interesting or not.
The alternative is to find shelter in the house (possibly a womb symbol: back to the womb of the mother), where all is safe and secure - but ultimately unsatisfying (in psychoanalytical terms: Regression).

Why is it hurting? What is hurting exactly if I may ask?

Re: Black and white horsy cloud

PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:19 am
by Albatra
I really appriciate your help.

I dont know and dont even want to know if she is intrested or not . She did laser my body hair to hair removal .my eyes was covered during laser. She touched my differnt part of body durind laser as usual (also genital part). I was relaxed but when i opened my eyes i saw she hadnt wear gloves. It was so strange for me how could she easily touch even my genital part without gloves. I would never do it in same situation. Its not hygienic and usual .The point is that i was obsessed if she is homosextual or not .then i asked myself why do i think so much? Is it normal? Or i myself am intrested in her?
I dont remember any memory that i was in love with any woman (to check my homosextuality) but i remembered one memory which i had sexual feeling with a friend for a second and of course it was too short and nothing happend.
For me is hurting undrestanding to have sexual feeling toward wemon. I dont think if it is normal... is it?
I dont know if it is needed to do any thing ...
What should i do about regression? How can i undrestant if im using regression or not?
And in general what can we do when we confront a forbidden feeling?

Re: Black and white horsy cloud

PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:46 am
by Vos
What I can tell you about this topic comes from the natural perspective. Culturally there are many ideas about what is right and wrong, usual and unusual, but when we are working with a dream, we are working with the "natural law", the inner voice of the human.

From this perspective we have to separate "sexuality" and "erotisism"
Sexuality is all the behavious of a human that is gender-specific. How do women behave among eachother, how do men behave among eachother, and how do women and men interact with eachother.

Erotisism (comes from eros = love) is the behaviour that has to do with exchanging sympathy which we can do both through talking and physical contact. Eros can exist between all people that like eachother, wether they are man or woman, young or old – and this exchange of sympathy can take place between many different people.
To express this with physical contact and to enjoy physical contact is completely normal. Getting touched by a woman is as pleasant as getting touched by a man.
"Homosexuality" and "heterosexuality" are cultural concepts that probably have almost nothing to do with the way the human psyche works!
Whatever your culture says, if your being, you as a soevereign being enjoys something (and I am not talking about something that would damage anyone), you should accept this part of yourself.

What I mean with regression is this:
When a child does something that is not allowed, it often gets punished. For example: if a child runs away from the house, the parent might come after the child, scream at the child, and drag it back into the house.
The impulse to leave the house was a healthy impulse, every child wants to explore. But because the child was punished, it has to surpress the impulse. So what can it do? Well, it can always cry at the mothers breast, or eat candy, or go to bed. This is regression: not acting on healthy impulses but going back to the impulse that is easiest to satisfy : food and warmth and the mother.
So, when you are faced with a healthy impulse, but you know that this impulse is forbidden in your culture, or wrong. Then you have two ways to go. You can try to respect yourself as a human being, you can realise that you have healthy impulses that don´t harm other people unnessecarily but actually bring joy. And so you can try to accept this part of yourself and see if you can help yourself explore the thematic, maybe see that enjoying physical contact with a woman is not a bad thing.

The alternative is to take the same approach as the child: repress the impulse (out of fear for punishment) and go back to safety.

It´s up to you to make an estimation of the situation and to decide what is best for you.

One more question about your dream:
Do you have experience riding horses?

Re: Black and white horsy cloud

PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:36 am
by Albatra
Thank you very much.
I feel better now .

Yes i have ridden 5 or 6 times but im not a professional equesterian.

Re: Black and white horsy cloud

PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:46 am
by Vos
I think, in that case, the horses fit well in the dream.

Horseriding, especially for women, (though of course I cannot speak about your experience), naturally involves genital stimulation, through the contact with the saddle of the horse.
This is maybe the link to your experience getting touched in the genital area by the woman when you were getting the laser treatment.

I would say: no need to have fear for your own need for physical stimulation or pleasure, no need to fear if something feels good. This is normal and healthy.

When something in a dream is scary, it is often because of the fear for punishment. But when you confront yourself with the scary thing in your dream, your unconscious is actually saying "hey, altough this thing scares me, it also attracts me". The healthy impulse in the dream therefor is, the wish to let the horses approach = the wish to come at peace with your erotical needs. Nothing wrong with this as far as I can see.

Feel free to send another dream sometime if you want. Or if you still have question or disagreement about the above.

Re: Black and white horsy cloud

PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 3:40 am
by Albatra
Thanks alot.

The way you interpret dreams is very intresting and out of judgment. Im really glad i had the apportunity to have your comments and guidance.
If again i had a special dream ; here is my first option to send my dream. :)