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Almost tricked into Hell

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Almost tricked into Hell

Postby kidlike » Thu Oct 04, 2018 2:01 pm

In the dream it's the afterlife and I think I'm in hell because the currency is karma and I apparently have a negative count. So hell.

It was only later that I catch a demon trying to get rid of all my life long karma making it seem like I should go to hell.

Confident that I actually have currency here I decide to spend it! I got a new hair do... which was long silver white hair for some odd reason and a trip to Syria where I visited a holy place.

I kept trying to look up how much currency (Karma) I still had after the spurge but for some reason I couldn't see it. Also nobody was charging me for anything, not the new hair, not the trip, the hotel, the tour or the donation I wanted to make to the holy place.

P.S. I did know if Syria has a holy place or location. It just did in the dream.
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Re: Almost tricked into Hell

Postby Varzandeh » Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:59 pm

If dreamt she was in Yemen means she will be in safety.
If dreamt she was in Egypt means she will get happy.
If dreamt she was in Syria means a sorrow.
If dreamt she was in Italia means she will achieve her wish.
He and she are the same:
If one dreamt went into the hell and didn't get out , means he commits sins and should
contrite sins, or there is a death danger for him as a pagan.
If dreamt he was watching the hell but he wasn't suffered means he will have a sorrow
and suffering but will rescue at last.
If dreamt he was in the hell but didn't know when got in there means he will get poor
and will be in a sorrow for the rest of his life.
If dreamt he was in the hell and had food and drinks and was burnt means he has evil
deeds and should contrite.
If dreamt an angel took his hair and threw him in the hell means he will be unlucky
and will have bad luck.
If dreamt entered the hell mean she will die while committing a sin.
If dreamt he had hell water or hell fruit means he wants to learn a useless science or
will kill someone.
If dreamt had a sword and entered the hell means he insults people.
If dreamt he was eating hell fire means he will eat an orphan's money.
If dreamt he set fire near the hell means he will have a difficult job for the governor.
If dreamt he was pulled into the hell means he will be a pagan at last.
If dreamt he was hearing the noise of the hell , means he will be questions and will
receive a fear by the governor.
If dreamt he took place close to the hell means his life will be difficult.
Hell may also mean : 1- A cruel governor 2- God's Wrath 3- committing a sin 4-
sufferings 5- abjectness 6- eating an orphan's money or immoral money.
Herald; Proclaimer
If dreamt a herald was proclaiming something agreed to science and wisdom means
goodness is on the way.
For more information about the dream language symbols , please see the Dream Dictionary in the www.dreamsfact.com .
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