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complex dream

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complex dream

Postby yoyo300 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 10:54 pm

I just woke from a very vivid and complex dream that had many segments and I'll try to remember as much as possible and I hope to hear your interpretation to each.

In the first segment I am in a public house. I go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. I don't remember seeing my reflection to my knowledge it wasn't there. What was there clear as day was a reflection of a young woman I have never seen before and she strangles me and I'm struggling trying to smash her up against the mirror. I think I remember the mirror cracking slightly and me getting out and there being a real life girl outside who seemed to know about the being.

Next segment I'm in court for a 3 part case. I can't remember what for, the court was modern and I'm in the UK so it may be civil court I don't know. Unknown people mostly women are watching the case and when I go outside to sit down a woman is trying to console me but I also feel she is trying to take advantage of my vunerability as I'm still awaiting a version.

On the final day which was the day of the verdict I know I have to be in court for 10.30AM and it was around 9AM and I am in my childhood neighbourhood which is strange as I live hundred miles away now on the other side of the country. I call in at a house my friend didn't live at in real life in fact it's a woman's house who used to babysit me and I wasn't too fond of her son as he was a cowardly bully. Anyway my best friend from childhood is living there and I knock on and he comes down he like me is in adult form. I go upstairs to his room and we chill on the bed like we used to even as adults we were that close and I say roll a joint. I no longer smoke weed but in the dream I do and he says I havtn got any someone robbed him and he told me who but I can't remember nor would it hold any significance I guess..however this friend used to annoy the shit out of me even as a adult for never having his own shit and being bummy in general. It's worth noting I am now in a similar situation being bummy or pookie and Ray Ray in my waking life. I digress.

Back to the dream I begin rolling with my weed as usual and my mobile phone starts ringing. To my ecstacy it's my grandmother who seems quite alive although in waking life she passed some years ago. We were extremely close as I lived and cared for her during her final days creating a bond of love so strong she still brings tears to my eyes this day. She asks how I am and I am very upbeat telling her I'm great even though in the dream and in waking life I'm having problems but I don't want to worry her or I'm so excited to hear from her they disappear. She asks what I'm doing and I look down at the joint and then check the watch I own only in the dream and it's 9.50AM. I decide it's too near my sentencing and verdict in court so I say to her I'm leaving in ten minutes. It's at this point the dream ends and I wake up and start looking for meanings for everything. The ghost in the mirror. The court. The women. My friend and my most favorite part speaking to my nan. I've seen her in a dream shortly after she died and we embraced and I felt a love so strong I woke up crying.. like today.

Thank you for reading I'm sure I missed alot. I've been having lucid dreams that are meaningful alot lately and going through some stuff.
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