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Dream concerning former school bullies and weird relationshi

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Dream concerning former school bullies and weird relationshi

Postby Entrana3 » Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:31 pm

I've been awake for an hour and a half now and my recollection of the dream is somewhat murky.

I can't remember the exact order in which these fragments happened, but I'm confident that they were part of the same dream. These are the fragments, and the order I think they're in.

Fragment 1-

I'm not embodied, I'm just watching a group of guys who taunted me in high school a few months ago go around and kill animals. They are not aware of me, and I'm not conscientious of my viewing position as a disembodied, invisible observer. They seem to be wandering around a decrepit, almost empty city which seems to be in a vaguely post-apocalyptic world. At some point, a gigantic, elephant-sized insect appears- it is completely passive, asleep even. All of the guys immediately pull out futuristic-looking firearms, and blast the insect simultaneously- it squeals softly (eerily, even, considering the huge size of the beast) but contorts wildly before dying. There is a look of inhuman delight on all of the guys' faces.

Fragment 2 -

Again, I am here observing, not participating. These same guys appear to be on a beach, in our present, functional world. They seem to be completely engrossed in discussing something very important and cerebral, which surprises me, since I had conceived of all of them as being idiots back when I was acquainted them. At some point, one of the guys points toward the ocean at a shark fin and gleefully exclaims something along the lines of, 'guys, check this out!' - the ringleader of the group immediately killed the shark, but his face was completely sober and grave- an expression almost unfamiliar with me as I always remember him looking either entertained or vaguely annoyed. He starts reprimanding his subordinate friends, telling them how the sight of a shark from where they were is unnatural and extremely concerning. He says that he needs to tell his dad that 'some of the planks must have broken'.

Fragment 3 (this definitely happened after fragment 2, but I don't know if fragment 2 happened after fragment 1) -

The aforementioned ringleader is now young, looking around the age of 12 or 13. I only know what he looked like when he was 17-18, and I found him to then to have a very thin, almost gaunt, cruel & ugly face. Here, the kid looked extremely bright, had an uncharacteristic hairstyle, and looked handsome in a childish way. Yet, it was very recognizably the same person. He is talking to his father - I can neither see his father nor hear any of their dialogue, but I know they are talking. Somehow, I gleam from this that his father is an important man whose job was to keep intact a massive dome in the ocean (perhaps encompassing the entirety of the Earth's core, or maybe just a large sphere somewhere) which contained all the whales and sharks, who posed a mortal threat to humanity. I then inferred that the 'planks' referred to in the previous segment must've meant the planks holding the dome together. Upon this realisation, I felt extremely scared.

Fragment 4

I am back where I was in fragment 2, as an invisible observer- the guys aren't at the beach, they're on the veranda of one of their houses' instead, seated at a table, overlooking the ocean from a high point. They seem to be discussing traumas involved from some war or catastrophic event involved with whales and sharks from before the construction of the dome-prison, and it is revealed that a girl, who was once an egg, was forced to transform into a human and leave her below-water egg society to escape the clutch of the whales and sharks. Some more stories are exchanged, and the discussion is so poignant that I'm bought to tears. This is the first time I've consciously cried in a dream.

It is later revealed that I was once a frog. I am upset, but I'm not sure whether my upset was at the fact I've been deprived of my true home, or whether it's because I'm not a real person and really just a frog, or some mixture of both.

Fragment 5

I am with the girl and we are on the ceiling of my house (there is no way to get here unless with a ladder, and it's not the kind of sleek, comfortable rooftop that people would want to 'chill' on- I've never been on it for this reason). I learn that her name is Teah, which I pronounce as 'Tii' for some reason - it is not a nickname, it is genuinely what I thought her name should be pronounced as. She looks like this girl I know online, who I am in the same gaming clan (this real-world girl I do not find very attractive, although she is not ugly either- somewhat pretty? I enjoy her company though. I don't have a conscious crush on her) with. We are flirting. At some point I quip, 'the frog and the egg, charming, huh?' and it elicits laughter from her. There was some talk of our long-term relationship goals, but nothing here was clear and it didn't seem particularly meaningful. This was by far the most pleasant (although definitely not the most 'intense', which was when I was crying in fragment 4) part of my dream - waking up, I immediately felt upset that I was not with this egg-Teah girl.

Fragment 6

I invite my friend over to my house. We're just chilling and talking about random stuff. At some point, I talk about Teah (who I pronounce as Tii) and my friend starts laughing at me. He then informs me of the proper pronunciation of her name, and is incredulous that I've 'known her for 4 years yet don't know her name (Here, he refers to a girl we both know irl called Teah- a friend of his, who, although I've never met, I've interacted a lot with on Facebook when I was 14-15; she thought very highly of me then, but I haven't thought nor talked about her for a good two years, and even back then, I didn't feel anything toward her because I didn't find her attractive, personality wise or physically. Also, this Teah looks absolutely nothing like the girl in my dream, but this does not stir any discrepant thinking in my dream-self). I feel somewhat ashamed.
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DM Lurker
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Re: Dream concerning former school bullies and weird relatio

Postby lackadaisical » Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:41 pm

I think it's time we piece these fragments together. Think about the dome and the threat of it collapsing. Is there a situation in your life that is threatening you? Landscapes in dreams can also tell us a lot about our mental states. The post-apocalyptic world may be symbolic of a confused or disordered state, you might not be sure what you believe or what you want to do. I also think it's interesting how the characters of the school bullies change over the course of the dream and that they actually seemed to care about their environment. Also think about the frog and the egg and how the characteristics might relate to you. I also think it's interesting you said you were upset that you were a frog and not a real person.
These are all just suggestions. We're in the same age group so I thought that maybe we could have some sort of understanding, I don't know. I came to this site looking for answers but I didn't get many. You're the only one that can really decipher what your dreams mean, it's personal. So I thought long and hard and I got some answers. Lots of people on this site seem to take a more spiritual approach, but that didn't really ring with me. I've been looking into some Jungian psychology. It doesn't always help but it's interesting.
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