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Dead grandmother broke character

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Dead grandmother broke character

Postby ChrisPeefeArt » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:45 am

I was in a strange location with some family. My youngest son was acting out and being potentially destructive. I couldn't directly reach him from where I was so I just shouted at him to stop before he broke something. He responded by denying that he was doing anything wrong while proceeding to keep up the bad behavior. So that is bad behavior, insubordination, and worst of all lying. I don't normally spank, but in this situation I decided that not only would I spank but I was going to use a belt to do it. This where my dead grandmother came in. She came in with a belt and was trying to spank my child with a belt. I confronted her about it stating that it was not her place. She proceeded to try anyway and informed me that had already been doing so where I couldn't see them which is why she had a belt handy before I could take mine off.
I have never actually used a belt on my kids. If I feel the need to spank my children, I use my open hand on the butt. My grandma wouldn't ever spank at all. My little brother used to bruise her up and down by hitting her when he was preschool age and she still wouldn't discipline him or allow him to be disciplined. Also, she had severe dementia toward the end of her life, but I saw her as she was when I was a child.
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