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Any ideas, anyone?

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Any ideas, anyone?

Postby ohhaikhrystal » Wed Sep 12, 2018 3:07 pm

Recently started to log the dreams that I have when I wake up in the morning. Here are the ones I've had so far. Anyone have any idea what possible connections they could have? If they have any meaning to them? Anything at all? Thanks!

Dream #1
It’s late at night and I went to go walk the dogs but I only took puppy so I gave Kleo food in her kennel and put her in. I leave with puppy, and I forget to lock the door but something in me knew I really should have and would regret it. I’m walking but I don’t have puppy anymore and I don’t even notice, as if I never came out with her in the first place. I’m in the middle of a bunch of apartments trying to get back to mine and I see a bridge thing. I was going to go over it because I knew it was the way home through the back way, but there’s a sign that says “you will pay for what you’ve done to those girls” talking about I guess a pedophile that lived nearby in a building. For some reason I know that a dead little girl victim is going to appear on the bridge if I go through it so in a panic I start running through a different building to get to the front way of my apartment. I get to the front door and the lights are off but I knew I left them on. I look out in the street and see police chasing a man and something in me wants to scream for them but I don’t. I open the front door and both dogs are in their kennels crying loudly but I know that someone or something else is in the apartment with them. I close the door and look out at the police men again. Then open the door again but I’m just too scared to walk in and try to save the dogs and myself. I start feeling burning hot, and I wake up.

Dream #2

I'm on my period. But this time when I started I got a big hole in my left arm that looks like my skin is eating itself so I go to hospital with my mom. My arm was fine but then I feel tickling pain in left arm. There’s a huge perfect hole there, I can see the inside of my arm and my skin at the bottom (other side of my arm.) I press the call button on bed but the bed begins taking ME to THEM. Nurse looks at my arm and goes “wow fascinating!" and I look at her like "really?" (like girl, this is scary.) And she says, "Well it isn't, but you know!” we find a doctor and the nurse for some reason pushes me off the bed. I'm on the floor and I look down at arm and hole is gone. I look at nurse and go “do you see this?” We both look at my arm then at each other. We explain to doc that it was just there and try to measure with our fingers how big the hole was. I then start twitching in my fingers in my right hand and then having a seizure. I freak out and say “do whatever needs to happen and if it’s fatal please tell my mom I love her” Idk what happens, but the doc walks away. I’m left alone surrounded by a bunch of people in the hall. This patient starts walking up to me but starts looking dizzy and throws up on floor everywhere in front of me and I wake up.

Dream #3

I had my two dogs, went to neighbor jades house but she wasn’t home. I was walking around outside for a bit but I heard someone throwing up in the side of the house and I figured it was jade but I didn’t know. Went back inside her house and made a clear path to the toilet so she could get it out there. I see her come upstairs then stop in the middle of the staircase and threw up there. Then she came to her room and to the bathroom and I asked her why she was so sick from drinking. She briefly told me about her weekend and I’m gazing out the window. The I see and army guy drop from a rope to the ground. Then another. Then like 3 more. And I’m like “ummm? Do you know this is happening? Do you want me to stay with you for a little?” She looks out her door toward the front door and says “yea for like 5 minutes please” I could tell she was scared. But then her brother Brandon called me down and said “can you come down here real quick?” I took the dogs with me and Brandon is in his army uniform with a gun and tells me I need to leave the house. I look and see a swarm of army dudes with guns surrounding the premises and I scoop the dogs up and leave. I immediately start hearing many gun shots, I guess jade was on the run. I run into this wooded area. But it was more like when a bunch of people have fences and it creates this alley way behind their homes, and I'm running through it. I lose one of the dogs somehow so I'm calling for her and I see this bright light, it's the glow from a spirit or a witch or the spirit OF the witch. She says something to me (i can't remember what it was she said) but it freaked me out so I ran away and then I turn a corner and found my lost dog cowering in the corner. I pick her up along with the dog that I'd had the whole time. Then I went back and saw that all the army men were gone. Walked to my moms place across the street and went inside. It was now dark outside and there was a helicopter above us shining lights to try and find where jade was. I asked mom if she knew what was going on and she says “no. What the hell is that? (About the helicopter)” and I tell her everything i know that was going on then woke up.

Dream #4

it was like prom night and me and my best friend angel and a group of other people got called to do this game show. angel picked her team AND DIDN'T PICK ME and I was like wtf bro?? so angel talked to this girl on her team and told her to switch with me. I sat next to Angel and she seemed mad at me. She was texting someone and I peeked over her shoulder and saw that the text had said something about me, and she saw me looking and hid her phone from me. The game show went on. Then the seats we were in had closed in on us and put us through this roller coaster/haunted maze thing. We thought the zombies were fake but they were actually real and a bunch of people started getting dragged out of their seats or bit and started drying. but not me angel and a few other people yet. We got to get off the ride but it dropped us at this zombie infested mall. angel was talking to one of the zombies and i walked up to her to make sure she was okay, but she started talking about how nice they were and I’m just freaking out like wtf. Everyone died but me and I found a way out the mall and the whole world outside the mall was like no cars but everyone went by boat on like waterway railroad tracks and I push the boat away that was docked cause the people on it weren’t human. I hear them going "where is my ship going!? when i find out who did this, they're dead!" Then I turn around and I'm at this cliff and for a moment I gaze out at the nature. It was like mountains and this waterway at the bottom that just looked so beautiful. I jumped off the cliff and onto this circle space ship type thing that was hovering over water and opened the side door to it and it was to the bathroom and I found clothes so I changed into them and I woke up!!
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